Health foods

There are many business interests active in the world today which have serious effects on our environment and health.

This can come through  medicines curing one sickness but making us sick from another, or worse still misinformation directing us to believe that one option is far better than another while hiding the truth, often in clear sight.

Most of this information is easily available on the internet – however it is clear that the internet is now becoming a battle ground for information with powerful forces working in the background.

In every case massive amounts of money are involved.

However in nearly every case it is easy enough to find the truth if you trust your senses and intelligence.

For instance Teflon is a plastic substance – if it wasnt on your frying pan you would surely not put it on your stove – after all you would not put any plastic utensil on the stove.  You might however use a plastic spatula, but you would never let it get very hot.

So there is an inbuilt caution about using plastics anywhere near heat.

Teflon produces a gas called perfleuroisobutene      if it gets too hot (and thats not very) this gas is “It is a Schedule 2 substance of the Chemical Weapons Convention.”

How come you dont know about this???


When it comes to health foods if we use the same inbuilt caution what does it tell us about eating seaweed?

The first question is why eat it?

Because there is massive publicity on how healthy it is – how many minerals and vitamins it contains, how it has been used for centuries.

The second question is where does it come from?

The sea of course but is it cultivated or harvested from the wild?

Third question

What kind of effects is harvesting having on wildlife and nature?

We all know that seaweeds are places where many fragile animals and plants live, that it is a place where fish lay their eggs and the young grow up.

Fourth – what chemicals does it contain?

Negative information is becoming difficult to find about seaweed – almost as if it is being displaced, but it is there still.

To begin with it is probably astute to mention a organization called Netalgae.

netalgae home page

it has a budget of over 1 million euros to promote seaweed harvesting.  That is a fabulous sum just to promote our consumption of seaweed.  And consumption it is in every form – for animal fodder, to paints, to medicines to simple eating.

The big question is why does it need this money?

Answer is that there are considerable ecological and environmental problems – least of all the fact that seaweed is vital for a healthy sea.   The industry needs to overcome these problems as there is considerable evidence showing clearly how dangerous to us all this is.

Here is a little snip from a page (no longer available) on the Netalgae website

It says it can overcome any environmental or local government objections to commercial harvesting

States need help in overcoming environmental considerations Double click to read.

There are 3 major papers produced by the uk government, the scottish government and the Irish government – all say the same thing – the consequences of concentrated mechanical harvesting are very serious indeed, with loss of habitat, serious effects on wildlife, especially sea birds and many other effects many of which take a long time to recover from.  The last mentioned paper is signed by 45 international scientists.   Interestingly enough these papers are produced by govermental organizations whose function it is to PROMOTE SEAWEED UTILIZATION. They seem to think that mechanical harvesting could conceivably lead to damaging the seaweed harvesting industry.

Fact is that our seas are now heavily polluted.

Seaweed contains  large amounts of iodine – we need iodine but in very small amounts – too much and we become ill – Hyperthyroidism health problems from seaweed

It is also clear that seaweed can contain many pollutants such as lead, mercury and worse still – according to this article it can also be radioactive

radiation in nori

You can read the whole here   There are a number of other articles associated with this particular issue, but worse still is this heavy contamination of pollutants

The link here –

A very large number of plants have been hailed as the next cure all – right from Grass, yes the stuff on your lawns

vitamins minerals in grass

To the stuff that farmers used to plant to keep cows and other herbivores healthy

Alfalfa Health benefits

What does your intuition tell you about eating Grass – yes open yourself up – WHY DONT WE EAT GRASS???   Fact is if you eat too much it will make you ill.

Alfalfa is even worse

side effects

On the funny side a sci fi writer wrote a story about world populations starving in the future – a super food was produced – everyone was told it was produced from Plankton.

It was called Soylent green – it was even made into a film – it turned out that soylent green was made from the bodies of people who went to state sponsored suicide clinics.


a NEW SUPERFOOD from USA is called Soylent – it has been hailed as a vital dietry suppliment

superfoods - solyent


Unfortunately it has been making people ill

soylent making people ill 3

So please use your common sense – INTUITION  if something seems wrong – then it is most likely to be the case.