I am now the chairman of a Norwegian Charity -Yeii


Trawler comb adj

So officialy the small group stopptt has now become a registered charity – our purpose – to stop seaweed harvesting using trawlers and sleds – it is the worst possible way to treat the sea and is being undertaken exclusively on the Norwegian coast by a company which is part of a group that collectively holds record fines for pollution, price fixing cartels, fraud and a number of other fines and infringements including some we have managed to engineer ourselves simply by observation.

Ahh, just to ice the cake fmc produces the worlds most poisonous insecticide – carborufan or furadan which is responsible for massive amounts of wildlife deaths worldwide, it also gives brain damage to humans – fmc claims it is safe to use and cant understand what the fuss is about.


Its amazing to think that the directors of fmc probably dont have families or relatives or dont care about them – some of them if they did would be ill now – like the rest of us – probably linked to some chemical or other in the food or water – if they saw the suffering surely they would clear up the grossly polluted sites they posess in many countries – stop producing the dangerous chemicals they do and stop clear felling the plant that cleans our seas.

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