the eu vote in the uk

I have been following the uks vote on leaving the eu with great interest.

For a larger part of my life I have been involved with educators – people often highly educated and more often than not with university backgrounds and thinking.  Unfailingly their politics are to the left – they also declare how much they admire democracy.

Now that the vote has been taken and it has been decreed that the uk no longer wants to be a part of the eu I am not a little saddened to see that there is now a huge pressure to have another vote – this is actually very funny because it means that those who profess so powerfully to believe in democracy in fact dont.   If the vote is still no – will they want another??? until the “majority” get it right?


I have been to a great many meetings where I think bullshit is being spoken or facts ignored – I stand up and say so – it really upsets people – in fact over the years I have been considerably oppressed over this but now I am beginning to think that im right – in fact the turning point for me was when I took a group of very well intentioned people to court – they simply could not get their heads around the fact that I could possibly be right and they wrong.  One against so many.

I won hands down – and refused compensation because this was about me and how I felt about myself, not about gain on their terms.

If I had lost they would really have taken me to the cleaners.