I think knives are beautiful – well made they can be like jewlery – i make knives.

Men dont ordinarily have  or wear jewlery, not something men do perhaps but we like to be seen as capable – so when circumstances arise it is nice to be able to zip open a recalcitrant package, cut a piece of bread (or chocolate) or even move a recalcitrant nut with a multitool knife.

Some knives are very beautiful – damascus metal for instance can be multicoloured and have the most amazing patterns in the metal – the skill and paitience required is phenominal.

damascus 3


damascus knife


In Norway most citizens have a sheaf knife of one kind or another – though carrying them in public is now illegal -

A knife is something everyone without exception – uses every day – every house has drawers full of knives – they are tools – sure some knives are made for fighting but that is not what we are talking about – you can kill someone with a screwdriver and yet it is not illegal to carry a screwdriver, unless the police decide it is a weapon of course – but i am trying to make a point here.


As an environmentalist i am fighing against a frightening enemy – the enemy is an american company – part of a giant corporation – it seems nearly the whole world is fighting against a american company of one kind or another – the word on most peoples lips these days is MONSANTO –  This company is responsible for a great deal of grief – but if you actually begin to look at the history of American companys there is a thread of profit above all else – a callus disregard for human life and the environment.

This article from NRK news is an indication  of something so fundamentally flawed in a society that it almost beggars belief.

Here in Norway there is a good deal of “knife crime”  in the uk the whole country is besotted with knives – severe penalties if found with one – foregin tourists astonished at having small pocket knives conviscated -  hobby fishermen not allowed to use knives – they have to deal with everything with scizzors or nail klippers (yes its true)

So here is the link from Nrk

Imagine children being targetted by the weapons industry – your neighbours child carrying a gun capable of killing you. Kill they do too – The north American gun death rate is extraordinary.

So why are so few people actually looking at the american phsyce and saying “we need to change something here?”