My father left a letter as his last will – in it he said that he hoped that I would come back to Norway – I did.

    Since I have been here/back there have been a great many “connections,” small things that have happened on first sight, purely by chance.

   As my teachers were so at pains to point out – “every thing can be explained by science.”  I dont like science because it is used to imprison us – because of science we have this “office” technology so worshipped by the world that many things so basic to our existence in our journey over millennia have been cast aside – our children no longer talk to each other  – they sit together to use their mobile phones to talk to other people not there – frankly I know most of them dont have anyone to talk to – they just like to appear popular.

    Sci fi – flying saucers – conspiracy theories and more – now I really like them because they are free/wild – im building up to the idea of fate and connections.

  Just been watching a program on physics – a few days ago I was trolling through you tube when I found a video on a helicopter using a wrecking ball to knock stones from a mountain – it only had some 700 views I think – the program on physics used that very same wrecking ball – what does it mean???  Everything and nothing.

  I like to think that when im fishing I can connect – the first 2 or 3 stops on the boat are normally not very productive – then as time goes on I get more and more fish each place I stop – even though the fish finder appears to show no more – in fact ill bet that if I was to go back to the first fishing stop I would have a very good catch – “connection?”  Or just plain statistics – no I dont want that – I want mystery and strangeness and a feeling of being a part of.

At my earlier schools I felt always somehow cheated when the teacher went on about “science”  they seemed like gods, so wise and knowing – but I was soon to discover that was very definitely not true.  The system constantly lies, in fact some of the teachers constantly lied – we have to trust ourselves and how we do that is by being totally honest in everything – “why did I do that?”

I think several adventures are about to begin for me – something ive dreamt of for a long time – fate is pushing me as it always has done.