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Free speech – For many – just an idea.

As we go through life we are on a journey.

How that journey turns out depends on how we have treated the world.


If you have a code then live by it – I have one, it concerns happiness and doing no harm to others, in fact trying to make others happy too – however if trod always tread back so those that do know that so far is enough.  That way boundaries are established and rules to live our lives by and others know where the borders lie.


Always explore borders – find out what is true and not, find out for yourself.


However I like to think of myself as a scientist – for us, we need more than just words, we need to have seen and experienced or seen written reports supported by someone’s reputation.


Over the last few years ive been following the media often on facebook, ive been seriously distressed by the reactions of people ive had a great deal of respect for over the years.  The tendency to jump to conclusions which are based on “the kind of person I am” rather than fact is one.

The last one was then the Syrian government used chemical weapons and a great number of very well intentioned people believed them when they said they didnt. They just hadnt bothered to read the reports and followed the media that appealed.



Yes we dont like cbs news



This kind of reaction is probably why we now have an America governed by Trump – yes a great number of people are fed up with the status quo and want to think for themselves – they did by voting Trump and frankly if I could I would have too, simply because of that, no other reason.



We live in a world where free speech, actions and thought are paramount.



Naah, only if you follow the framework – ie socialist, capitalist, fascist – arrrrrg no not the last one – no one is allowed to have those kind of thoughts – and maybe even not capitalist – free love, swinging – ahh no – you can talk about it but as long as that is all – bdsm – something new and trendy – oops no, thats off the list as well – so where are we with free thought and speech?


Do we really????????


Actually no we dont and never have done – my truths, boundaries and beliefs are my own formed by many ears experience (listening) not those given to me – this is why I live on my own and have as little to do with my family as possible.