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I think knives are beautiful – well made they can be like jewlery – i make knives.

Men dont ordinarily have  or wear jewlery, not something men do perhaps but we like to be seen as capable – so when circumstances arise it is nice to be able to zip open a recalcitrant package, cut a piece of bread (or chocolate) or even move a recalcitrant nut with a multitool knife.

Some knives are very beautiful – damascus metal for instance can be multicoloured and have the most amazing patterns in the metal – the skill and paitience required is phenominal.

damascus 3


damascus knife


In Norway most citizens have a sheaf knife of one kind or another – though carrying them in public is now illegal -

A knife is something everyone without exception – uses every day – every house has drawers full of knives – they are tools – sure some knives are made for fighting but that is not what we are talking about – you can kill someone with a screwdriver and yet it is not illegal to carry a screwdriver, unless the police decide it is a weapon of course – but i am trying to make a point here.


As an environmentalist i am fighing against a frightening enemy – the enemy is an american company – part of a giant corporation – it seems nearly the whole world is fighting against a american company of one kind or another – the word on most peoples lips these days is MONSANTO –  This company is responsible for a great deal of grief – but if you actually begin to look at the history of American companys there is a thread of profit above all else – a callus disregard for human life and the environment.

This article from NRK news is an indication  of something so fundamentally flawed in a society that it almost beggars belief.

Here in Norway there is a good deal of “knife crime”  in the uk the whole country is besotted with knives – severe penalties if found with one – foregin tourists astonished at having small pocket knives conviscated -  hobby fishermen not allowed to use knives – they have to deal with everything with scizzors or nail klippers (yes its true)

So here is the link from Nrk

Imagine children being targetted by the weapons industry – your neighbours child carrying a gun capable of killing you. Kill they do too – The north American gun death rate is extraordinary.

So why are so few people actually looking at the american phsyce and saying “we need to change something here?”




  My father left a letter as his last will – in it he said that he hoped that I would come back to Norway – I did.

    Since I have been here/back there have been a great many “connections,” small things that have happened on first sight, purely by chance.

   As my teachers were so at pains to point out – “every thing can be explained by science.”  I dont like science because it is used to imprison us – because of science we have this “office” technology so worshipped by the world that many things so basic to our existence in our journey over millennia have been cast aside – our children no longer talk to each other  – they sit together to use their mobile phones to talk to other people not there – frankly I know most of them dont have anyone to talk to – they just like to appear popular.

    Sci fi – flying saucers – conspiracy theories and more – now I really like them because they are free/wild – im building up to the idea of fate and connections.

  Just been watching a program on physics – a few days ago I was trolling through you tube when I found a video on a helicopter using a wrecking ball to knock stones from a mountain – it only had some 700 views I think – the program on physics used that very same wrecking ball – what does it mean???  Everything and nothing.

  I like to think that when im fishing I can connect – the first 2 or 3 stops on the boat are normally not very productive – then as time goes on I get more and more fish each place I stop – even though the fish finder appears to show no more – in fact ill bet that if I was to go back to the first fishing stop I would have a very good catch – “connection?”  Or just plain statistics – no I dont want that – I want mystery and strangeness and a feeling of being a part of.

At my earlier schools I felt always somehow cheated when the teacher went on about “science”  they seemed like gods, so wise and knowing – but I was soon to discover that was very definitely not true.  The system constantly lies, in fact some of the teachers constantly lied – we have to trust ourselves and how we do that is by being totally honest in everything – “why did I do that?”

I think several adventures are about to begin for me – something ive dreamt of for a long time – fate is pushing me as it always has done.