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A feeling of gross delight – Teflon.

Now why should such an article give me delight – make me amused?

ski wax


The same in Norways NRK


norge ski våx

It is because the chemicals mentioned are all related to ptfe – another name for PTFE is TEFLON.

Lets be a little clearer – ptfe is polytetrafluoroethylene.

It is a chemical muchly used in house hold appliances – even for lining cookware – in the oven too.

Some 25 years ago i attended an auction and baught 600 cans of military surplus IFL.  This proved to be another name for PTFE – apparently the military used a great deal of it but soldiers being what they are liked to smoke whilst using it – as a result they became very ill – so it was warehoused and – lost in the system.

I quickly found out that the stuff was worth nearly £11 a can and i had paid something like 20 pence.  So i felt it important to do as much research as possible – what i found was a little surprising – but first a little story from a friend who worked at porton down


Porton down


Heavy stuff.

My friend told me they had been working in one of the portacabins on the site when the alarm went off – it turned out that a coulegue had been making some glassware when a co worker had sprayed some ptfe into the apparatus out of curiosity – my friend went on to say – “he had a myocardial infraction within 3 minutes, he was very lucky to survive.”

In other words the instant the chemical hit the red hot glasss a substance was produced that gave his friend a heart attack and nearly cost him his life.

So i did some research – my god this stuff is on cookware – we know about it, its no secret and yet so many people use it – no wonder we have so much sickness – people with unexplained flus.


You see PTFE gives off a number of very nasty substances when overheated – 220 degrees centigrade is the tip off point – takes an average of 6 minutes for an old fashioned electric stove to reach that temperature – the main gas is called perfleuroisobutene  – this is really nasty stuff – its in section 2 of the chemical weapons register.



lets be clear the stuff destroys tissue for a start – that is why people often have heart attacks when they ingest the stuff – this is why you get fluid on your lungs – what they dont tell you is that the damage is cumulative – that is you appear to recover but you still have scar tissue – that is if you get a tiny exposure -

This is what du pont – who make the stuff says

Du pont website

Here you have it in black and white by the producers themselves – if it gets TOO hot it makes you sick.



So why does it not kill you if it is so dangerous – simple reason – the coating on cookware is extremely thin – ohh yes there is enough to kill any pet birds you may have but not you – it will just make you a little bit sick.

This is an article linked to the wiki article on perfleuroisobutene – pfib

essentially it talks about some guys dying from exposure to this gas from Tefon

Gas deaths

Now why should i find this FUNNY – Because we have endless state run organizations supposedly protecting us from the dangers of poisonous chemicals – i found an article on dangerous household chemicals on the nrk website and contacted the authors to ask them why Teflon was not included – they agreed that the chemical was dangerous but their original source had not mentioned the substance – so i contacted their source – the  miljødirektoratet and got nowhere.

I find it amusing because im no scientist – i have no qualifications – i simply read and digest – the papers i select are carefully scrutinized for reliability – and yet i am ignored – yes that is funny because i know im right.

Anyway i made a film

Buying teflon coated cookware is a expensive option – lets say your frying pan cost £30 – it lasts for 5 years and you have to buy a new one – lets say you buy a cast iron – or stainless steel one and it costs you £50 – you have it for life.