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Creating – is this what life is really about??

I would like to describe the process of making. 

Further, the power of making

Further still the peace that making gives me.


When I decide to make something I loose sight of the ordinary world – all that exists is the project and me – the me is no longer there I am just the facilitator, part of the project.

A part of me opens up and becomes the receptor for information that is necessary for the project – this information is already archived – it is just a matter of pulling it out, sorting it out and applying it to the work in progress.

I:T, Hollywood and other media has programmed us, you could turn that the other way round and say that Hollywood, and Information technology (I:T:) has tried to copy the process already installed in us – so for instance the similarity between all it programs is because a good program tries to follow the natural process we all have inbuilt, instinctive is the word used.

So yes I do have an image in my mind, I do rotate it like a 3d cad drawing, see it from different perspectives turn it upside down shape pieces, fit them together and more – but its so fast that I cannot actually transfer it to a understood medium, it is purely automatic.

Is this something unique? of course not, everybody has it – it is just that I can hold it long enough to make something functional – I understand the tools and materials I have and so can mate the idea and the function. I can censor the information long enough for it to be used.

This is something that most people can do but they have never had the time or the drive or the equipment.


As a teacher I had classes in my workshop in the uk – it was more a time for me to enjoy the creativity of others than to make anything of it financially or perhaps even go anywhere with the project – was just 3 hours every Saturday morning.

It was a little unusual in that I insisted that everybody complete 2 items before they were let loose – the first was a spoon of a very specific shape – to learn the tools and the material, the second was to let loose the images gathered in the first attempt but still within the confines of a wooden spoon.

All my pupils had radically different approaches – every one of them was pure genius in their own way.


Claire owned a large old vikeridge hidden away in a small valley near Tiverton Devon.  Well over 60 before she began carving but incredibly artistic – Peter a very cosy well spoken farm labourer who had spent a deal of his life as a cow man – no sight in one eye from an accident – Ben a river warden near Exeter – had applied for the job along with some 600 others and much to his surprise had won out – occasional others who came and went – Claire was cack handed had difficulty with the mechanics of the tools – her finish was bad – but when she made something she had captured the essence – so for instance she insisted on making an elephant – when she had finished somehow the very essence of elephant had been captured in a badly finished carving –

Peter was also cack handed but received so much joy from his creations that good or bad did not matter –

Ben had a very strange process – he needed to be told exactly what to make – and he did exactly that but somehow the process made a perfect item – so for instance – make a box – “how should the box look?”  “rectangular – carved out from a solid block – lid has a recess for the base – again carved out from a solid block.”   “ok, how is the lid going to look?” – “it should come to a ridge in the centre.”

So the box was made conforming exactly to those requirements but  the same as Claires work – or Peters, an example of the same functions but approached from a different perspective.  Each one of my pupils had the same mental tools but were using them slightly differently – doubtless with a much longer training they would all reach perfection, hopefully with their own unique perspectives intact rather than my own.


For me making has saved my life.  It has been a meditation – a target for everything – waking and sleeping it has been there.

Without, like a partly inflated balloon – held in a hand and squeezed – the pressure of daily life would have pushed me in directions possibly self destructive.


We all long to be superheroes – hidden or overt – here I could be my own superhero – didnt matter what anybody said or thought, I could stand up and show people (and MYSELF) something utterly unique and different and whats more it came from nature – from “nothing.”

No factory producing raw materials.

Somehow so utterly empowering that all the nasty knocks that the world gives count for nothing.

When I am making I dont exist – the me is no longer there – all that matters is truth – if you lie then you are not a good maker because everything you make and every process you employ must be true, for a good product.

That does not mean that a good maker uses “traditional” methods.

It means he uses the best methods possible for that particular process – so for instance making glasses cases out of solid blocks of wood, it is entirely feasible to make them using carving tools.  But practical to use a form and a router – special tools for cutting hinge recesses and so forth – there has to be a satisfactory balance between production and the item.


Now as a maker with a reputation and every tool I could possibly want – it is almost as if the struggle is over – I know who and what I am and I like it.  The big question is where do I go from here?

I think I should try to pass on my joy of creating – try to learn from others as much as I can and leave a legacy that others – complete strangers – could take from and grow with.



Energy chrisis



It is fascinating to be told  many things – and never question them.

30 years ago electricity in Norway was so cheap that farmers installed lights without off switches – they just changed the light bulbs every so often.

Now the prices are compatable with the rest of europe or more – the big question is why – when the systems that produced the energy are still producing them just as they did before.


Answer is that Norway decided that it must be an international player – so now more electricity than needed domestically is produced for sale abroad – the infrastructure for this is very expensive so that is why our bills are so high.


In other words here in Norway we are actually paying to produce electricity for other countries.


It is interesting to note that every time there is an increase in electrical production, so a new industry is there to take up all the capacity, every time.


So lets be straight on this – countries like Norway have an energy chrisis because industry makes it so.  So lets ask a bit about who and what these industries are for – they are for mass production of mostly raw materials for other countries.  So lets say a factory making aluminium employs 100 people who are paid top dollar – far more than ordinary wages.

Everyone looks at those 100 and the infrastructure they support and say wow, this is really important.

Sure it makes life easy – EASY for them and their families but at the end of the day the main income from that industry goes abroad and into  pockets already heavily lined with money.  So that big business being vital to the community is in fact a little false because the income from that is used to buy tvs,boats,cars and more goods produced by factories in other parts of the world with the profits going into exactly the same pockets. 

Perhaps the most important issue is what are these goods for – what kind of benefit does the individual get from these goods – a sense of well being ??– but at the end of the day that feeling is entirely dependant on the lie that tells us how important these goods are. Without the need to have in income capable of supporting a new bmw every 3 years – a house abroad and a very expensive boat (our harbours are full of expensive unused boats)what would the average person require to live a decent stress free and fulfilled life?


Are we being conned into accepting a life that is there to support the rich, a system that is perhaps at best souless?  At worst leading to the eventual destruction of everything we hold dear – my im getting morbid.

The engergy crisis has come about because we are pushed into feeling the need for this kind of lifestyle – the need for goods and
services which we are conned into believing we need.

Smart phones for instance -  ill bet you love yours, without it youre never really lonely – but if i told you that you were going to spend nearly £1,000 a year on a service you already have in your home – that you were going to buy the equivalent of third rate new camera every other year – that you would have a toy so important that every spare minute you have – you take it out to play with – 10 years ago, you would have laughed at me and said – never.


I know people here who cannot afford to buy a house or a flat, so they rent one – but their new bmw sits outside, the one on hp, the one that actually costs more per month than the rent on the flat. 



Energy chrisis – we wouldnt have one if it wasnt necessary to support this kind of lifestyle.



Armoured geton?

The world we live in is goverened by individuals who have risen though our ranks to become leaders by a number of factors – probably the strongest being something they all have in common, the need to lead, to be in power.


It takes a special kind of person to be a leader – a old saying goes like this – the last person who should be on any committee is the person who wants to be on a committee – sure we need our leaders, but the question is what are their motives, what drives them – human nature being what it is the roll of the dice would surely select both good and bad, but the big question is is that dice loaded, are those who rise in power capable of doing so because they contain an element of ruthlesness that is absent in the vast majority – what are these people capable of?


The ultimate ruthlessness of those in power must surely be that demonstrated by the Nazi ultimate soloution – and further eugenics – the destruction of those deemed unfit to carry on -


When we examine what we are told about Monsanto and that companies activities is this not a extension of that idea – crops produced in such a way that ultimately every crop produced anywhere would come from that factory – that the way and method of production would lead to a total monopoly and eventual early death to those whose only means of nutrition was the consumption of those crops, the ultimate soloution? Those sucombing being the weak, the elderly and ultimately the poor.

I see a great deal of information on environmental and business activities – one thing ive seen repeatedly is that Bill Gates family was involved with eugenics – that the idea is not German at all but originated in the usa and was taken up by the Nazis after a visit from certain figures in the usa.

If this is true then we should be really worried – the holocaust and all that not German after all??