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Desperate – Victims and worse.

For many years now i have been following the case of powerful people perverting the uk government for reasons of finance but also to cover up the actions of a group of Pedophiles.  Further it is clear that the uk is not in dire financial straits – that the rich have never had it so good or the poor so bad – is this coupled to this kind of situation – you betcha.

This article is about pedophiles high in the uk government, but it is also about me because as a child i was marked clearly as “vulnerable” in medical records and what they did to me is sadistic to say the least.  How can you have a caring society when it is run by this kind of people, it starts at the top and goes on down – it is natural progression.

in the late1980s a folder of 140 files was presented to Leon Brittan the then home secretary

The files disappeared.

This is a website that names a number of pedophiles – guess who is fourth from the top

Apparently this is all going to be taken care of by this person

i wonder if the allegations (which wont go away) will disappear again.

They cut right to the heart of society – if they are true it shows a shocking disregard for human dignity and life.


Pissed off

Today i was supposed to take a rather glamorous phillipino girl fishing.

I was at the apopointed meeting place at the correct time – a little expected – she called me nearly 90 minutes later to ask if the trip was still on – id decided that the weather could posibly turn very bad and the trip was a bad idea anyway – in spite of baiting a long line with fish id caught the day before on the atlanterhavsveien bridge.

In the past id have done evrything i could to be with this woman. Now i feel i did not only exactly the right thing but for once i spent a full day on fixing the boats walls and boy did it feel good.

Its a little amusing to use the methods and tools im employing – kreg jig and biscuit jointer, but boy are they working well. I managed also to put in some beams – after this everything should go very easily – as the boat now has a tapaulin over the roof and the beams allow enough room to work under cover i should be able to fairly fly.

Next stage, make the angled pieces to go above the wall strengtheners – fix in place if its raining or not – ahh, the walls need to be sized and theyre not – so the tapaulins need to come off for that – anyways after that – beams in place then fix roof panels. If im quick enough i shluld also be able to fix rotten pieces of wall and deck – mahogany for that. Unfortunatly no brazilian – only sapele which is hard as nails and difficult to work – should be interesting.


Last thursday i was working at svanpro – dear old Erling, the foreman was using a circular saw deeping a piece of pine, some 40 cms long, his fingers were beside the blade – perhaps 3 cms away – in the other hand he had a short push stick – i tried to give his helper a longer push stick to hold the work down on the other side but was pushed away – i though, any second now the work could catch and be thrown in his face – there is no cover over the blade so sawdust is being thrown in his face and im being told to f off – so i went to see Helge Grunland who is supposed to be my boss i think – he told me to go away as he was in a meeting – he defiantly did not like what i had to say, but his anger was directed at me. I felt this was a situation id been in many times before – so many times – a authority figure incorrectly making assumptions and worse using his authority to push me around – i thought RIGHT – im going to do something ive never done before because ive been too cowardly – Erling is an absolute darling – i like him a lot, but im not going to see him maimed under any circumstances, if his boss is too stupid to do something about it then i will.

Further i suddenly realized why they had been so oooo very nice to me when i lost my fingernail and broke the thumb, they hoped i would not sue –

so i got the contact details from Johan of the arbeidstilsynet and wrote them a report – next stop a lawyer for compensation – im not sure if i should give the money away afterwards as a fuck you, or keep it.

They took us all to a dinner at Ha holmen restaurant last week – i should say costing somewhere around 400 kr each – that is 30 odd people – 12,000 kr, and they dont have enough money for safety devices – nor do they have enough interest to give us something interesting to do – all my attempts are met with a show of polite interest – im surprised they dont pat me on the head as well.

I said to myself that it was time i left – hopefully there will be a few reverberations next week and i will quietly be asked to leave – hmm, lets hope so. Hihiii, it feels good to take charge.


the Below was sent to the arbeide tylsynet

I work at Svanpro a small kommune run company for long term unemployed at Eide i Fræna kommune.

I have worked in the furniture making and joinery industry for over 35 years and have many hundreds of hours experience operating circular saws, bandsaws in fact saws of every kind.


One of the first machines i was asked to use was a underslung crosscut saw – the fence is used to support the work while being cut by the saw, some of the work being cut was unsupported on the far side of the blade as it was very short and did not reach the fence which had a large gap where the blade rode up – i made a great deal of fuss over this and was eventually allowed to fix the problem as best i could with the materials available – the bed of the saw also bent out of shape so that work was continually caught in the deformation, fortunatly i was able to use a hammer to correct this.

I was very suprised that the saw was being used commercially in such a dangerous condition

later i was asked to use a dimension saw – i told the management that the saw was dangerous as it had no riving knife or at the time a cover over the blade. In the uk it is also madatory to have a brake on the motor, there is no brake facility.

I was asked to cut points on the end of poles up to a meter long, this i refused to do without a jig – i was eventually allowed to make a jig with the materials present – i considered this adequate but not competely safe as there were a number of items that should have been present such as hold down clamps. This is a dangerous operation without a jig or special safety equipment. I understand that in the past no safety equipment has ever been used.

After a few weeks i was asked to cut some ply panels – this i agreed to do as it was with a carriage and fence – everything went well untill a piece of plywood was picked up by the blade and thrown back at me with considerable force – i was well over 1.5 meters away – unfortunatly my hand was in the way – the plywood nearly severed the top of my thumb and removed the nail, it was excrutiatingly painful. The bone was also broken.


I was taken to hospital where i learnt that the foreman had continued using the saw and had lost 2 nails on his hand.


18 juni the foreman was deep cutting pieces of pine some 40 cms long(on the underslung crosscut saw with the blade in the up position) , his fingers were beside the top of the sawblade holding the material down. (there is no functional cover over this blade) He was also using a push stick in the other hand – i told him this was very unsafe and tried to get his helper to use another push stick but was pushed out of the way and the stick refused. The material could easily have been picked up by the blade and projected back into his face with considerable force, his fingers could also have been severed. As there wa no cover over the blade and there was no dust extraction a good deal of sawdust was being flung into his face (he was wearing ordinary glasses)– neither of the 2 using the saw were wearing dust masks.

(figures show that up to 3% of all softwood workers get throat and nose cancer from continual dust inhalation)


I went to the senior manager Helge Grunland, told him that the saw was being used in a very dangerous way and was told to leave the room as he was in a important meeting.


Anyone using circular saws in a industrial environment in the uk is required to go on a course so they understand the regulations and the possible consequences of breaching them. Regulations also need to be posted by each machine.

It is clear my foreman has no idea – the management is clearly not concerned over this issue either preferring to ship the occasional accident to hospital rather than spend money . They do seem to have industrial experience so they must be aware of the consequences. I understand there have been several accidents in the past with workers loosing fingers.


This lax attitude to safety is a breach of workers rights and doubtless a breach of several laws, the injuries sustained from saw accidents are often permanent – my thumb is mutilated. It is clear that no change will take place without a great deal of pressure. I have done everything i can do by talking with management, it is pointless to continue.










Our world is full of manipulations, statements designed to mislead – this is why we have credibility, scientific credibility being probably the most important.

The reality of the issue is very simply this – WE HAVE TO TRUST SOMEONE.

Fortunately for us there is a whole community whose word is their currency – im speaking about naturalists in particular – a untrue statement – biased speculation – speculation in general – these are all issues which in a real world are no nos, ie if you are a naturalist and you follow those then your credibility is at issue and you suddenly find yourself on the outside, your work valueless.

With this in mind i started working on the seaweed harvesting issue and decided that as this was what was keeping the world from knowing what exactly was going on, that reputation was being used as a tool to hide the real issues then i would speculate as much as i felt necessary.

When i began i was utterly staggered to find how few people actually read the papers concerned – even the most well known marine biologists seemed to be knowledgeable only on their particular field – always they seemed to refer to some higher up expert when an issue they were not sure about appeared – it seemed that these few world renowned experts have a great deal of power.

Here on the west coast of Norway we see some unusual things obviously related to the seaweed harvesting industry – seabirds showing the symptoms described by Lennert Balk in relation to thiamine deficiency – entire populations of small coalfish moving from the seaweed forests into the fjords, all the inshore cod developing black livers and so on – to connect any of these with seaweed forests being disturbed would require a great deal of research – it would not be undertaken on just anyone’s word – it would have to have approval – we know for instance that one of the directors of leroy the largest salmon farming company in Norway is the vice chair of the havsforsknings institut and doubtless would have to approve any research leading to possible negative consequences for her industry.

The government trusts these people to do that kind of research. Is this realistic??

What are the penalties for being in the possession of negative results and not passing them on – do they end up in jail, huge fines – etc ???


For me to filter my information, not to speculate would make anything i did extremely cumbersome and tedious – to have a website carefully sifting information, doing no speculation would probably eventually gain me credibility but that would be exceedingly fragile and always subject to the «but the man has no credentials, no degree, never been to university «– the minute the spotlight descends on my site there would be something from on high to discredit anything i said. To some extent it would be most understandable – if you have spent years studying would not you feel some degree of anger and resentment towards someone who made statements concerning your field who had not even the smallest and most insignificant qualification?? It is only natural.

So far better to start off with no credibility – speculate on limited matters – be apparently ignored by the scientific community – then you cant be discredited!!

However if the statements, speculations begin to appear to have some basis in fact and those facts are indeed serious then a completely new ball game begins. Particularly if it involves something the scientific community has only apparently just become aware of!!

Even if the speculation is not borne out links and extracts from scientific documents from the internet, from very well respected members of the scientific community cannot be refuted if they are on the site – in other words my website is the only site of its kind on the internet – if the shit hits the fan, ie if seaweed harvesting is one day exposed for causing severe damage to the environment then this is where the press will go, where the public will go, until then i will appear to be in breach of a number of taboos in the scientific world. Taboos that are used by the business world if required, to twist and manipulate information.


Silly – perhaps not quite so.


Just been hearing a program discussing these «high school murderers» Kids, youngish men who go on killing sprees – Brevik amongst them. It seems the common theme is they are acting some kind of a part in a production. Ie they have a script running in which they play the lead role.

For the first time in their lives they are important – REALLY IMPORTANT.


Such a sad thing – when the media, entertainment, has come to mean soo much that reality no longer counts.

Here in Norway things are usually just a little different – the daily grind often includes some life threatening situation so reality must be firmly on the menu. But for those that dont have anything like this then they must make their own reality/drama. What is must be like to live a life where nothing you do has any real meaning – that must be a utterly horrendous awakening – no wonder so many turn to drugs,drink – anything to break up the monotony of a non real – life.




So the question is how does one make life worthwhile? For me the answer is curiosity – how is it going to end – not life i mean, but what i am doing – how far can i take this – what ever it is.

For some the answer is a dangerous sport – for me the answer is making – creating – hmm, the bible has a lot of pretty silly stuff but every so often something crops up which can give life a boost – creating is mentioned a lot there.

As im aging – just over 60 now – things i always knew are taking on a different meaning – well not really different, more like reinforcing, things i allredy knew – but something happened that prevented them from opening up in my youth.



Reading some years ago about life and work – one interesting thing struck me – originally as hunter gatherers we had to work about 4 hours per day to survive – then the cities began and we had to work many more hours to provide for those that didnt. So a factory worker would have to work 8 or 10 hours a day – 4 hours to feed himself – and the rest for his boss. Slavery was one way round this – you went out, captured someone and forced them to do the work for you.

Nowadays of course we dont have slavery – do we! Well actually we do, we are programmed as slaves. Our system is designed still around the old idea – you do so much work for yourself and the rest for the system – apparently right now in private hands is over 17 billion trillion dollars. A sum totally unimaginable. Enough to feed, house clothe everybody on earth –

But the powers that be dont want this to happen – if it did it would unbalance the system so carefully nurtured over such a long time – we are still slaves, in everything but the strictest reality. Slaves to systems, even me sitting here typing this – i am doing it within the confines of this machine and am subject to a lesser or greater degree to the captivity of a computer – ridiculous idea? How many hours did you spend this week in front of yours – what did it benefit you?? No tv, not a problem we can feed you/keep you quiet with this. Mobile phone –

Slavery is one thing – to long to be free – but to be slaves without realizing it – that is something else.



We are built with a great number of senses – far more than we actually are aware of – we have science to thank for that – if it cant be measured it dosent exist – if it exists and has no reason, one will be found shortly (gravity!!) Some of those senses tell us things we are often not aware of – if you are a good citizen you will ignore most of them – ive never been a good citizen. Scares the shit out of a lot of people.

If you are not used to listen to these senses the messages will be garbled and that is i think what has happened to people like Breivik, happens to a lot of people in fact and this is why we have so many deadly things happen. SOMETHING IS WRONG Something is wrong with everything, you can feel it but you dont know what it is – it gnaws and bites – society used to have answers – the answer for most was doing something creative but that satisfaction has now been taken from us – our schools no longer do handiwork – you can no longer get a repairman for your washing machine – no longer fix your shoes – computers and tvs do not provide enough, we need more – in fact we dont really need more what we need is a far cleaner life, one that belongs to each of us.


I meet many that have recognized this – on a certain level – mainly young people who are travelling – but they still dont know fully what the problem is as they are often fully plugged in – all the time.


Me, i was hopeless, i was told this so many times in my youth – still am now by well intentioned people who see my untidy house as a sure sign – i tell them that i can have a tidy neat house for them – but it wont be for me as i then wont have enough time to be creative.

So here is my advice to you – use the system – be aware that it enslaves and corrupts – listen to your body and it will talk to you – it will tell you what to do – if youre sick it will tell you what you need – all the answers are there if you can hear. It dosent take much effort –just keep the doors open. With the internet so close we have more answers than ever before.


Find something really important for you to do – when you become good at it – others will be impressed and so will you, this will give you more than any financial reward can ever do – no one can steal your gift, or take it away. This is what i do – and whats more, this is what i am.


One question ive longed to answer is – if any system that is completely succesful is bound to fail because of its sucess then everything we see around us will evenually fail. The most interesting is this gathering of financial wealth by so few – the struggle to become wealthy at all costs – further, large companies destroying the environment, or environments for income – right now we are beset by them, or perhaps we are aware of them as never before.

The backlash though is happening, their sucess is bringing about their downfall – slowly but surely – the simple fact that i am writing this is a sign of something – a change.




The art of living

The art of living.

Interesting to think that all you need to do is change one letter in the word «living» and youve got something else – entirely? Or is it the same word just spelt differently.

Loving is something we all do but the question is now that we have so much to do and keep us isolated, do we have time for it.

Our modern live are spent filtering information – we recieve endless mail through the post requiring our attention, the internet is full of advertiments and distractions it a wonder we have time for living – perhaps we dont!!

To those who deign to read this material i suggest you give up television, internet and all other such things and concentrate on the things in life that are of value – just like me – im going to give up the internet just a soon as ive reconnected this machine – hmm – well perhaps ill give it up after a few weeks – hmm anyway i dont have a television.

So what is the answer to a satisfying life?

CREATIVITY – this is what we are born for and from – being creative is a relative term because vandalism is creative – i think its more a personal thing – first you have to understand the machine – that is the you – what do you want? What would satisfy you that you can do entirely on your own???

For that you need to have a understanding of the world around you as it gives us such fine examples – everywhere you look there are creative processes – concrete jungle – look at that pavement – theres a crack half way across, if you look carefully youll see that some ants are coming from there – what are they doing, what kind of ant are they – the answer is far more satisfying than any kind of scifi novel.

Studying people is a fascinating hobby – see how the person you were happily engaged with a few minutes ago suddenly changes because another group of people have joined you – what can you tell about the people sitting in the pavement cafee – is their behaviour effected by the environment theyre in – who is different there???

All of a sudden there are new questions with fascinating possible answers – for me the most interesting is how does this relate to me?

If you start thinking in this way you are being creative!

Every day all around us there is the possibility of new discovery – how people dress – that couples body language.

If you do this often you begin to see the world in a different light. Suddenly the every day becomes mush more exciting – you begin to see the world through your own eyes instead of that of a film director and camera man.

Right now im very much on top – i feel real good – got an exhibition coming up at the week end and small projects here are nearing fruition – the kirke ship has only a few hours left – the large boat is stalled but hopefully ill be able to put a few hours in today – various other small projects beginning to bear fruit – collected knife blades some years ago and for this exhibition am half way through a new idea.

Outside my garden is beginning to grow – the grass is now about 2 feet tall some of the other plants 3 to 4 feet – some are allready flowering – my annual guests – the swallows – have moved into the barn – they like my work room – every time ive left the door open for a short while theyre in there – the last time there was not even any fluttering around – just a hunching of shoulders and «yes Bertie – we wont do it again» while they waited for me to open the window. HOHO.

Just been reading a article on seaweed harvesting in Vancouver – boy have they given the government stick – theres even a short summary of Norwegian harvesting saying that we have no idea of the consequences – according to Lorentsen – this will in due course find its way to the fiskeriedirektoratet where it will no doubt join ghe other articles in the file they have and be archived. Nice safe word that – unfortunatly it probably will be just that – i have nothing to suggest that anyone reads the things, certainly not our man there. Stll we seem to be popular so i guess thats something.

Now its time for work to begin on the boat. If im lucky ill get the first part of the wall sorted today.

Yuss – more than that – managed the next bit of wall too – used the kreg jog to good effect as well as the lamello biscuit jointer – been thinking about this for a long time so seeing it coming together is just fantastic.

The week ends exhibition – every time we have a meeting im talked over – mainly by Bjord Hustad – i just have to begin to open my mouth and she takes over. As a result the group does not have the benefit of my 25 years experience – i did up to 15 shows a year – that is probably some 3 to 400 with 6 or more in London. No one there has that kind of experience. As a result the preparations are very amateurish. For instance instead of inviting someone in to take care of the catering they are doing it all – i can see their eyes light up at the mention of how much money each item is going to cost – no thought that first of all they are there to sell their wares so how are they going to get the time – secondly they are probably going to make a loss – if they invited someone in —-

The posters – no contact number – no address other than krinshaw – who knows where or what Krinshaw is. I even have to tell the locals where it is cause they dont know.

We had the local press in for a write up – we were asked about the group – i thought that it would do a lot for our status if it was learnt that we had all been invited to do write ups on our work and to also run classes – that we were all selected as the best makers in the area by marius the polish professor – but the minute i opened my mouth –

My attitude is this – this event is going to take a good deal of time from my productive life – it is going to cost me some 500k plus – i will not sell a single piece – i will however meet lots of people. This is the only game in town right now – so i have to consider if it is worthwhile and the answer is not.

I am comitted so i will stick with that but apart from that i think no more. Meeting tomorrow – probably another hash up with the same things going over again and again , and yet more overtalking – got work anyway. Time to make the things i want to make and for myself.

Taking charge

A girlfriend once told me that she was taking charge of her life – that for once she was going to do just exactly what she wanted. Unfortunately it was just after i had arrived to pick her up for a important meeting with a local business man to discuss a very large commission. To prove the point she kept me waiting for nearly 40 minutes – as a result i never got to speak to the businessman again. Funny thing was she spent most of her life doing exactly what she wanted anyway – but i knew what she meant.

In small ways im doing just the same – i am now over 60 – its time i learn t how to get the best out of life by not stressing – by saying – thats enough.

So plans made for me by the organizers of the craft show at the weekend have been changed – «if you dont like it then perhaps i should not come» – seemed to work.


I dont have a great deal of stuff for the show but as far as im concerned – it has been organized very badly – people are simply expected to know where the venue is even though it is not on a map. We are expected to put in some days work as well as the 3 days of the show. I am showing alongside a hatter – 2 painters – a sculpter, 2 potters a knitwear producer and a textile maker. I will be very surprised if i sell anything at all – but then its not really craft show stuff.


FF – nuf of that –

So looking forwards to finishing the boat – i cant wait for it to be chugging along again – one side is now built up – the other side in progress – once the two are done then i will put in the beams. Once they are in, the roof – then i can take off the large tapaulin – next fix all the split boards – then take the whole down to Anners barn and do the fiberglassing – then the windows – then we should be finished for the year – with luck also get the inside painted – that would be good.


Some days later – i am truly shamed by the good nature of my friends at the craft event.

I feel i am right in not being so heavily involved as the others – i simply cannot abide being bossed around for no good – or doing a job then being told how to do it, even though im actually doing it well – or seeing something wrong, trying to point it out and being talked over – it makes me so stressed often i cannot function – but their kindness and generosity makes me feel a little ashamed. Ohh well – status quo now so id better stick with it.


I expected to sell nothing – i was correct in that to begin with – i watched the others selling and selling – by 2 all id sold was 1 frying pan shovel for 40 kr. But much to my surprise i found that i was selling other bits and pieces – a bowl here, a few spoons there – then a little boy wanted a knife but didnt have the money so i brought out the e bay knives and sold a nice one for 300kr – i think around 50% profit – he was very pleased and so was i. Then Irene said she would like to buy the big table – how much – 3000 kr says i – oooh she says i dont think i can afford 30,000 but its worth it – i said no 3,000, ohh she says but that is very cheap – i pointed out the woodworm and the big split – just character she says – so we have a little red dot – then others come up to me and say – they didnt know the table was for sale – they would have bought it. Well that is fun and for once im actually selling.

Thinking over the situation again – yes i was right to suggest they would be better without me. I never signed up to do 3 days extra work – or sit in endless  meetings where the same points are gone over again and again, im talked over constantly and those same points are then revised and changed– ive kept my word to the letter though –


Right now im happy – replete and sitting at home soon to go to bed – rain expected soon so perhaps no boat work – however there is lots of other work to do.





Had a fantastic fishing trip with Fredrik 2 days ago.

I said we’ed try Kroppen and so we did.

Fredrik in front – to begin with – we must try Hysehola – en route we tried a couple of places but not even a bite – hysehola nothing so it was kroppen.


When we got near i said theres one of my best places just over there – we’el have to give it a go – ahh, says he, but thats not kroppen.

Straight into sai – around the 2 to 3 lb mark – then the bigger fish started – every so often we drifted off mark – then back and the fish started coming in again.

Cod, lots – around the 8 to 22 lb size – slowly the run of fish began slacking off – so over to another peak – this one with a long slope going to 40 meters from about 7 – again masses of sei – the occasional cod. Back again, then round to the other side where it was steeper – the fish finder showed what appeared to be a large bankl of seaweed – 25 to 35 meters – all of a sudden we were into pollock, big ones too around the 9 to 15 lb mark – Fredrik had to at once – each just into double figures. Then i got tired of small fish at the 10 lb mark and over and decided to try a really large 600 gram pilk – after a few fish we had just circled back when on the way up it was grabbed gently by something – but whern i tried to pull it in it just dove – massive i faught the thing for about 40 minutes – having to back the boat several times – eventually the line snapped – but meanwhile Fredrik was pulling em in for all he was worth.

My take was around the 80 kilo range – his was about 30% more – i recon we had not far short of 180 kg between the two of us. So we had some 300 to 400 lbs of fish in about 4 hours of fishing.

The day was perfect – a little bit of sun – tiny bit of wind – slight swell and not a soul in sight.


We got in about 6.30 having left hustadvika at about 10 – ah hour faffing about, an hour there, and the same back.

The next day was some 5 hours of filleting for me – of course Martin and his wife got a good pick – so did Jan Farstadal and tonight ive just been feasting on pollock roe – very nice.


So here i am living the dream – today Trygve came to fetch his car radio housing – really pleased – made it out of a boockcase from Plymouth university given to me about 1994 by a guy who used to work there.

Tomorrow im off in Trygves car to a 2 day meeting near to Dombås – should be most interesting with over 400 vintage cars and of course all the rest – hmm

Adjusted svanpro to my liking – nearly got the entire next winters supply of firewood from them now – had to fetch it in the car – in huge chunks but its working out well.


My recent rant on what happened to me as a youngster and later did some good – it really floored me to begin with – i cant quite understand the process but i seem to be now on the other side and counting – one or two more little things to do. Im considering a write up/precis from the millfield dairies – i wanted to say how the prefects treated me – how i could defeat the boys who were bullying me but i could not defeat a system so corrupt as one that gave free reign to such people as Townsend – ive been reading about some of the punishments he gave me including beatings – im beginning to wonder if that was what really sent me over the end – i also would love to learn what happened after i left – did anyone say – well he was beaten regularly, he was given extraordinary punishments and treated like shit by the prefects. They must have been aware of the effect they were having particularly after i had a nervous breakdown – ive got a funny there was a bit of an autopsy —————-.


Now i seem to be free of my family – Ellie no longer tries to contact me and Keith hopefully has a buzzing in his ears. I dont really want to tell them to pissoff but i think it may come to that eventually.