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Fresh wind


As life goes on , if you are aware, you begin to realize certain things happen in certain ways because you make them do that.


Trying to analyze why is a hard game – some answers are not very nice – rationalizing negative occurrences in a positive way is sometimes a thankless task, but other times it can produce a happy insight.



Ive been kicked out of the spoon carving Facebook side – essentially i stood up to one of the admin people and he didnt like it – analyzing the situation i came to the conclusion that i engineered it – why?? Because i had come as far as i could – or i wanted them to kick me off because i needed a clear example of prejudice, bullying – because ive had a number of quite aggressive discussions because many have invented traditions and wish to promote them – such as boiling wooden spoons in linseed oil – im not sure how many people really go for the linseed taste, but i cant imagine many do. Using a razor sharp axe to shape wood for spoon making i think is a dangerous pastime – this is another «tradition», using a carving bench is another – or carving horse rather, when spoon carving can be so simple you can do it in your living room – by promoting these items as the «only» way they are essentially denying spoon carving its free form as something you can do anywhere anytime – so i guess ill have to re edit some of my spoon carving videos – shake the tree a bit hoho.  I see today they are looking for new admins – a little more extended hohoho


Today ive been working on the large boat – as the profile of the windows have changed it is no longer possible to leave the lower part of the walls un modified – so ive had to cut out the sections where the window are, replace them with plywood inserts and produce a satisfactory profile on the inserted material – its proving interesting and worthwhile, but time consuming.



With any luck over the next few days ill have the upper wall done on the left hand side – the rhs should be easier as ill know better what im doing and the processes involved.


With any luck ill be able to put in the beams this week – if i can do that then i can finish the roof the week after – sooo much imagination required – mostly im working in the dark with very little idea of whats needed – but im learning – one thing for sure though is not quite right and thats the plywood is 15mm thick whilst the mahogany its sitting on is 22 mm – the outside is going to be covered with fiberglass matting but the inside is going to be strange.



Work seems to be picking up – Trygve visited a couple of days ago for a small cabinet for his car radio – he has a 8 liter vintage Buick. I suddenly remembered i had some boards from book cases, ex plymouth university – the ones i found were aformosia and almost exactly the right size.


Today Torild the sculptress delivered a little model weve been working on and now i have to do the full size jobby. Its been interesting working with her as she is quite professional in her stance – this is what i want —- that is so nice.



Tomorrow more work at Svanpro – hopefully too ill be up to 8 hand carved items each worth something like 10000 kr plus. More firewood too – i recon about 2 or 3 more loads and ill have enough for the winter – but i really need to dry the stuff better than normal – the barn is not good enough so i think outside against the wall where the wind and sun can get at it. Got a unusual design in mind for the cover – the material sits on pallets – the covers hinge at the back with steel pins locating in large timbers screwed to the wall.


Heavy burdens


Just been reading how some experiences can become hereditary – if that is the case then one i would really like is the feeling of doing right.

Perhaps a kind of hereditary morality.

To some extent perhaps this is what has irritated many people in my past who have judged themselves my superiors – i have not been clever enough to hide my real feelings. This led to endless punishments at various schools – work and in life while i was in the uk – this i feel has shaped me and made me into the person i am – and this is not a happy outcome.

I think i am trying to heal myself(ever present tinnitus) – to loose the images which for me are terrible, that haunt me through various records and memories and now at last it is possible i am coming to terms with them.

For the first time ever i stood up to a figure of authority at work and said no – that machine is too dangerous. However i can make it safe. Initially my immediate boss was not happy and found me another make job – then he relented and asked how?

Next day i was asked if i could do the same job on another machine and i said ok provided i could make a safety jig – that i was allowed to do and the job went well for a while.

It is a bit sad because i think ive been written off – ie given something to do to keep me out of trouble until i get my pension – so now again i need to take charge and do something – well its coming along, but that is not the point of this little article – the point is about taking charge in a responsible manner.

Just a little aside – ive now asked if i can do my own work at work and the answer has been yes – that actually is quite funny because i understand that there is a place at Elnesvågen where they do exactly the kind of craft work i do but for some reason i was steered clear (now i wonder why??)

Keith my brother in law – has been pretty unpleasant on many occasions – i can give him endless excuses but in the end he has become a very sour individual and has done some pretty unpleasant things to me – i understand he tends to do this kind of thing to every one sooner or later – so i dont think he has many friends – he asked me a few weeks back to be friends on facebook – arggggg – he then produced several images id posted saying how much he liked them – he never had time to see anything id done or made in the recent past – nor has my sisters so whats up?

Smiling family

I felt the old feeling id had for so many years – i want them to go far far away – i didnt dare post a no thank you to «friends» somehow didnt sit right.

So again he asked and said he wanted a reply – suddenly i realized im free – in the past to cut them would have led to all kinds of unpleasantness-es but i am here in Norway and they are not – in spite or repeated offers theyve never bothered to come here to my house – i was asked to meet elder sister in Molde a year or so ago but i refused because it would have been on their terms – yes i am free.

Unsmiling family

Now i wonder what other cathartic releases i need??

My aim is to function as i want, that is be a successful maker – fulfill my various projects – become a proficient video maker – get good at music – soooo much, but not a great deal that the Norwegian state would be pleased about. (well maybe not entirely)

The Norwegian state – ive just been reading about empty bird colonies at Runde – and the recent meeting at the marine center there. I was fairly sure that the thiamin issue would not come up and i dont think it has, but i cant help but feel that it is in there somewhere – see for some time now they have been allowing the seaweed trawlers to go in and harvest at the bird sanctuaries there – papers show that some birds do not have enough food after harvest and i think there is also another mechanism at work .- something to do with the forests being harvested in such a way as to minimize the wildlife, changing the way the prey fish feed and thus affecting the birds. In Peru and Chile there was a massive bird and mammal die off – due to hunger apparently, but the thiamin/thiaminase issue never came up. So it is up to me, no matter how foolish i feel and look. (and am)

I am absolutely delighted at the way my work is being received on the spoon carving website – one photo has had over 130 likes – that is unprecedented for me.

Actually my recent postings have produced a reaction -

Let me put it a little clearer – you need me, i dont need you – if this irritates you beyond reason just tell me and i wont grace your site again
It’s not my site. You are being extremely obnoxious sir.
You have a strong sense of Entitlement.
Thank you
Chat conversation end     Ho ho and so it goes – right or wrong im standing up for myself yeiiij

Last week was my 60th birthday – Anners and Johan both decided to give me a party at the boat house by the harbor – i asked some 20 and in the end 16 came – it was very jolly and i got some cracking presents – a very special one from Colbjurn – one of his paintings – A beautiful present from his brother – in a speech, in which he said how high a regard he had for me and how much he really enjoyed my company. Yes my blessings

I even got a little chat with younger sister on the net – yes weve had our ups and downs but at least she does not seem to feel the need to «win»

Ole Martin came for a little visit a couple of days ago – i bought a Yamaha pro organ from him years ago and we both enjoy it from time to time – this time was no exception – he is a top class musician and i think he enjoys the prodding he gets from me – the prodding to try something different and a free open chat. It certainly does me good too.

So im enjoying a very varied mixed life here – with numerous friends and strange acquaintances – the net is providing friends too.