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Sweet revenge.


           Just seen a short article about bullying – a girl was much bullied at school so she moved only to find they followed her via the internet – brings me to mind a certain lad at my first English school – ahh i think he was called mcintosh – sat next to me in this very strange building called Fenton house near to Churston devon.

            The desks still had inkwells and we had pens that used them. The desks were 2 seaters – this boy had been teasing me all morning – just taunting continuously – it was distracting and very unpleasant – i forgot i needed to pee – so when it became too obvious to overlook i stuck my hand up and asked to go – as i walked out the door mcintosh said – dont think youll get away that easily – i suddenly realized what he was thinking.

      The toilets were simply an open room with a trough – i was about to start peeing when this lad appeared and started – i told him if he didnt stop i would pee all over him – i dont think that pinged on his consciousness so he began to chant – he was so surprised he simply stood still as i pissed over him from head to foot – he turned to go but somehow seemed glued to the floor, so i did his back as well.

       Got to the classroom and sat down – a few minutes mcintosh came in dripping – i mean really dripping – what happened asked the teacher – Mcintosh told him – i was dragged up and asked if it was true – i said yes – it was perhaps the only time i ever got beaten at school and didnt mind in the least because he got beaten too.

            The one thing that bullies forget is very simply this – everyone has a right to exist – what they are saying is that they wish to punish the target for being themselves. This is in no way acceptable.

        Part of the school picture from Fenton Preparatory school – must have been around 1963′

Funny how some people dislike being intense – i was even then – im the one laughing.

      Fenton Preparatory school - 1963

    In later life i took on many bullies – my retaliations becoming more inventive as life went on. First you study your target – the bully – then you come up with a plan so strong that the bully can not defend themselves, because rest assured they feel strong because they are, you have to take that away.

      At some stage you have to take a risk – in retaliation ive driven over (well i drove over his feet and there were two of them and they were BIIIIIG), vandalised, stuffed fish under floors, made noise machines and used them (on noisy neighbours with party walls), used judo on one man – he was hospitalized – at one school i threatened one bully with pepper – he didnt stop – the lid came off the pot and the whole dining hall had to be evacuated.

        I used peer pressure, that worked beautifully as the headmaster of that school actually gave me permission, the lads concerned met me afterwards to tell me how unfair i had been, they only made my life a misery for a bit of fun.

          A taxi driver targetted me with the taxis of his firm, by parking across my private exit every day.– i got them all parking tickets (6 in one go) – suprisingly his boss and him were very pleasant afterwards.

     So to the bullied – you need revenge, nothing is as good or works as well – it is at its very best eaten cold, very cold. (you need to think like a warrior and question yourself – are you being honest!! Are your actions based purely on your right to exist as you are?)

    So give the bullies every chance, (your assumption may even be wrong, or they may turn out to be half decent people) wait months if need be, pick something you can do that they cant do back if possible, try and make it amusing – then strike.

      (just brings to mind what revenge can be – many years ago i worked in a cheese factory – there was a old polish man who could not speak – he had been injured by bombs during ww2 – shellshock apparently. He became the target of a little group. For months they all had noticed their feet were damp – we all used wellingtons every day – took them off to go to the canteen – every day for months this guy had been going along the row of wellingtons with a small cup of water – a drip or two into each – sweet.)