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Lifes rich patterns and textures -

previously i mentioned that i have been working at a factory at Elnesvågen – There i operate a saw and play with some other machines making wedges – and pallets.


There is a large panel saw.  I have never used one much – even though i have a small version in my workshop.  When i arrived i told the management that the saw was missing safety gear.  Stupidly enough though complaining i never said no, i wont use the thing.


So mondays job was to cut up some thin plywood.  There was a little technical problem, the fence side of the saw did not have the capacity so we had to use a sliding carriage – the first few cuts were easy – then cutting some smaller pieces, one suddenly rode up over the blade and was projected at my chest with great force – unfortunatly my hand was in the way and i felt a numbness in my fingers indicating a injury – when i took my glove off the nail on my thumb had been ripped off – there was a considerable amount of blood.

One of the managers took me to hospital where it was divined that the bone was broken as well.  in the hospital we got a message that the foreman who had taken over the job had lost 2 fingernails as well immediatly he tried to use the saw.

Hihiii – lifes rich patterns and textures.  No hard feelings and a great deal of respect from me to my fellow workers – thanks guys.


Trying to balance my life and feel worthwhile is sometimes a hard job – sometimes i loose track – even worse i feel unbalanced – then i remind myself of what i have – how i have journeyed through life and i feel much better.


I meet a great number of people and have many worthwhile conversations so what does the apparent inability to communicate succesfully with some matter – it has never mattered  much in the past and it should not matter now.  Soon it wont.


Some very good things – the barn floor is done, i have nearly finished several bowls and other items – once the weather and my hand inproves i will be able to work on my boat – everything is in place and the possibilities are as i have always planned.  The church ship is nearly done so that is a major project off the slates.

Talking with the world.

I am in contact with a number of environmentalists – i never quite realised how much their enthusiasm must cost.  let me explain.

It seems to me that seaweed harvesting worldwide is completely out of control – it is having a major effect on ecosystems and the health of the seas and yet no major marine biologists feel able to stand up and declare this is so.

At least none i have seen.

Understandably so.

It requires a great deal of research to make any statements of this nature, to do so and be wrong is death to a scientist.  To someone like me it is not a problem because i have no standing, nor do i expect any.  However what i do expect is the common decency we all posess and that is to listen and respond to others who talk to us.

With this in mind i went to a conference on the climate in oslo called bro til fremtiden.  Seaweed binds 30 million tons of co2 – also there would be leaders of many major environmental organisations.

I tried to get to talk to some of the speakers and was brushed off in no uncertain terms – i was introduced to the leader of greenpeace in Norway and he rushed off on a mission as soon as i had introduced myself and told him what it was about.   I tried to find out why from the organiser – what he told me was that they have been told that seaweed harvesting is under controll and poses no threat to the environment or the ecosystem.  I then gave him some facts and figures and he paused – quite clearly he had no idea.

I told him i had did not want to spend my time on this but as no one else was i felt it was important – he then asked me not to give up and to keep on trying – i would get through eventualy -


Towards the end of the conference it was possible to have a little say – i said i had been listening to endless talks about gas,coal and oil, but very little about the sea and in fact nothing about seaweed – then i explained what was happening on the norwegian coast and worldwide.  I recieved very enthusiastic applause and glares from the organiser.  Clearly the event was for the converted – i had muddied the waters by introducing a wild card and perhaps i was trying to steal some publicity.

This is clearly something i dont need in my life.


I now understand far better how and why these environmental organisations work – i also understand why so few are involved.  it requires a great deal of determination to be an active follower and even more, in fact far more than i posess to bring to their attention any issue i feel they are missing.

What i have said so far is not inclined to make me any friends, but if i said what i really feel – i would be ashamed to read my text in a few days time.

So for environmentalists everywhere, i wish you every luck in the world .  Im sure it is a thankless task – how can you expect people to respond to an idea particurly when your leaders are so remote.

A little wandering


Febuary 6th 2014 -

So much paper – ive been keeping diaries since 1963. Only one is missing.

Currently im following mothers dictum – a little at a time but every day.

Simultaneously im following my old accountants wisdom, keep note of the hours you are working and you will get a few suprises – so i am – The current big job is finishing the barn so i can work there – the top floor back room is rotten. Ive had to replace one beam – which was interesting to say the least – the beam was plugged into a hole at each end – so it was not possible to simply drop a beam in – had to cut one in two, then join the ends together.

God so much procrastination – endlessly – finally got to the stage where i just could not bear the thought any longer and with some additional energy from my current job at Svanpro i got everything together, cut the beam and joined it – unfortunatly it was too high, so cut a shoulder on one end – then joined the thing together only to find that there is a definate hump. Then i fell through the rotten floor.

Anyways have now ripped out a good deal of the rotten floor and replaced it with chipboard floor boards – the difference is instantly noticable – fantastic.

So i spend an hour at a time – sometimes 2 – i fetch 3 boards at a time from Eide and its half way done. Just about to do another little stint – not a lot but enough to make a difference.

The church boat is nearly done – just another 2 sessions with Aud Farstad and thats it – lots of piccies but im dreading it a bit because the copy we have made is different in more ways than i planned – but at least the hustad church will have their own Kirkebåt.

december 2013

Today has been a cold day – one of those funny days when life seems a little empty, so how do you go about filling it.
Strangers, people – so i went to a shopping center just outside Kristiansund – theres a little kaffee there and its always bustling.
It did the trick – Norwegians can be very insular so its easy to be anonymos in a crowd, then it was time to go further – theres a large roadside garage which has a very startling gem museum. Ive just become interested in Gems because i think i can make wooden Jewlery and a little unique at that.
The display cases are full and many, in fact very many, one of the most beautiful things is the cases full of stones and chrystals from here and nearby.
We see such things and they are always from far away.
On the way back i stopped in to a fishing tackle and general store – the yound lad serving and i have had a chat or two before and this time was no exception, it is so nice to meet someone who is interesting and interested.
One rod and reel really blew my socks off – 8,000 kr – that is nearly £800. Worth every penny so i was told. My most valuable rod cost less than 600 kr and is worn out – the next one down as all the rest (some 20) cost less than 300 kr and some as little as 50 kr at car boot sales in the uk.

Tomorrow its saturday jobs – even though its sunday – hoovering,cleaning and tidying.

My poor honda outboard is firing on one cylinder only so i need to sort that out – yesterday i filled a barrel and ran it for a while, then changed the oil. To do this on this type of motor there is a recessed screw, large – before, i tried every tool i had to undo them and didnt suceed – finally Johan lent me a angled gaint screwdriver – no such luck this time, so i got a very large washer, put it in a pair of mole grips and gave it a go – remarkable, it really worked.
Fiddled around with the carburetter – cleaned it out but so far only the float – will try the machine again tomorrow and if still the same will take the rest to bits. Its sooo nice to take charge in this way but i feel a trip to the shop in Molde coming on – the last time it cost nearly 4,000 kr to have a cable replaced, so im not happy, but i do need a 100% motor.
Today would have been a good fishing day – perhaps, no undoubtedly exercise is the key to a good day – endorphins and all that.

I have joined a website dealing with wooden spoons – i feel a little frustrated as this was something i really got into about 25 years ago – i wrote some articles, then i did a video with a production company, then i became a judge for the woodworker magazine and did a number of shows as a judge for the dorset crafts guild, one of the oldest in the uk, even got paid. The current Experts tend to be a little religious, following a swedish guru with an intensity which in the case of one man is almost religious. We have had a few run ins before – not so much him but his women. Its almost funny as they are very vitriolic and have no sense of humour, and this is what they accuse me of – on one website his wife apolagised unecessarily – after a little i made a comment about her, the fur flew and she demanded an apology which she got but the damage was done(as intended) what everyone was thinking had been said.
Her remarks about me i thought though inaccurate were useful as they told me about her and her world which presumably was also her husbands, (and maybe even how i came across) so i was in no way angry, even if they had been inaccurate, i found it slightly amusing. Im afraid to say i dont understand this world – you cant say how you see someone without terminally upsetting them – hihiii.

Work is progressing on some large carved cups and bowls – its a little amusing to see people carving bowls which look as if they have been turned – i know how that looks and works so i try to make them look as if they are hand made. It takes days to carve a 12 inch wide bowl, even in wet wood.

Currently working in Svanpro at Eide – im hoping that i will be let off for haing a bad body but im not so sure – its good training anyway – its been a long time since i had a regular job – i do but ooh so little and over time the amount of work has been becoming less, however the knee has built up succesfully so it is now painful sparodically, but when it is it really lets go. One gets used to pain but the overall effect is depression – everytime you do something it hurts, there is a natural tendancy to not do it.

The next craft job is this jewlery – largish chunks of stone in small wooden cages attached to entirely wooden necklaces – the how is slowly developing and involves lots of laminates, because they are so thin, sawn. This will involve some jogs but i do have the material so it should be easy enough. For now walnut and holly – white and black.