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End of 2013 – cast away your sins – lots of loverly new ones in 2014

Been doing some internet research on a subject that leaves a really nasty taste -

many years ago i got involved with the fetish scene in the uk – it felt fresh and interesting – unfortunatly it involved people who seemed rather seedy.  That is they looked ok on the surface but lacked the kind of go that is necessary for a decent healthy life.

When i visited them their curtains seemed to be drawn most of the time -

I saw that there could be a big possibility for some innovations with fetish furniture and so decided to give it a go – thus i started a career that spanned some 15 years.  Initially i got an amazing amount of interest – some 600 letters from all over the world requesting catalagues – as i sold them it was good income.  So many requests from universities and students too, even some very official looking bodies..

I got invitations to fetish clubs all over the uk – then the tv – endless programs on sex wanting something a little different – with class – right from the bbc to thames television to sky tv – sometimes fun, sometimes a bit sad, the bbc censored me, just as well – thames tv – well they were a bit insulting so i gave them a long lecture on wood and woodwork – it got a lot of attention but they didnt like me – however i degress.

Over the 15 years i met all kinds of people – but i noticed that most just were involved for up to 3 years , then they left.  Bit by bit i began to feel the seediness – the nightclubs looked so dreary and worn during daylight – so few of the people involved had spark.

Then i did a nightclub in Cheltenham – it was essentially a gay night club but even though it was a long way i got paid enough.  But then one night on the way home i stopped for a cup of coffee at a motorway service station, opened my flask and it was full of fly spray.  NASTY, REALLY NASTY.

I complained to the owner and the next time met the guy who had tried to poison me – he could give me no real answer except for that i was different.

The guy who ran the club was a very mixed up individual – very talented as an artist but gay and not gay and a swinger and not and so on – i decided to do europes biggest fetish fair in London – called Erotica fair .  the guy who ran it was incredibly generous.

We had a huge stand and it was probably in one of the best places too.  I had very little money so i got it for very little and they really helped a lot.  I had gathered a crew from the nightclubs and in return for accomodation and free transport they agreed to help for free – one was the owner of the club and another was a lady who i had got involved with from a fetish club in cornwall.  As a publicity stunt i had purchased some 15 sweatshirts with my logo and information for us all to wear.

We were accomodated by a very good friend and client – he was very keen to help.

The fair was very well attended – unfortunatly all my helpers decided this was a free party and left to mooch and wander-  All refused to wear my sweatshirts.  In fact i got so angry i almost called the management to ask them to throw them out but it was party time.  one helper arrived 2 hours late with a boyfriend in tow – stoned out of her mind and just wandered around, wasnt even interested enough to visit the stand.


Saturday night and we were invited to a party – the owner of the cheltenham club i think had been involved with a few swinging sessions with the lady from cornwall – but that was none of my busines.

There was not enough accomodation so we had to share rooms – my cornish aquaintance and the night club owner slept together – not my problem, but he was married.

There was a party at a friends on the saturday.  We were all invited.

The night club owner asked me to tie him up – so i did – on the floor of the sitting room.  There were some 15 people in that room so no problem – i was asked to play with a couple of ladies upstairs so i did – after some 20 minutes i heard yelling from downstairs and went to see what it was.  He was being untied – so i asked him if he was ok —.

Next morning i went into the next bedroom with some coffee as we had to leave – he was in bed with this lady and got up when i came in – he was wearing underpants and gave me a big hug, telling me how happy he was and what a great time he was having.  Then he turned around – he was covered in welts, from his heels to the back of his neck.  he must have been beaten while he was tied up.  but all in all, he was in a room with some 15 people, all very responsible adults, the lady playing with him was a professional – they are very careful.  I was a bit concerned for him but – its a free world.

When i got home there was a message from his wife, in fact it included a death threat.  I had tied him up and mercilessly beaten him.  He had begged me to stop on several occasions.  I felt there was something far more involved with this, particularly as for her to say this he must have told her just that.  He had even said that if he had not been tied up that night he would have gone to a pub and insulted someone until they had beaten him up – something he really needed.

So i asked the girl he had spent the night with about this – she said “he begged you to stop several times but you just kept on,”  i was too stunned – to say or do anything. (she wasnt even in the room at the time)  I had spend  a great deal of time and effort on these people and they treated me like this.  I was concerned about being prosecuted so i contacted the people who had been in the room with him at the party – they said that the lady concerned had stopped repeatedly and asked him if the wanted her to stop – he had said no it was what he wanted.

This story went through the clubs and i found myself feeling very uncomfortable.  But by then the writing had been on the wall for quite some time anyway – others had seen what i was doing and thought this was a real wheeze, so i found myself being told by nightclub owners that they felt they could no longer pay me for coming as the others were doing it for free.  Unfortunately most of the others furniture was very poor.

I got invited to another party in London – it was at a very old friends but somehow it was nasty – i knew very few of the people involved and they were predacious to say the least.  Somehow i found people who i had respected and admired having a side which was frightening, something was driving them – perhaps it was long held fantasies and the possibility of those being realized that made them so threatening.  Everything was sacrificed to pay for that fantasy, even morality and decency.

Later i felt i had discovered the real reason for my cheltenham  acquaintances behavior, the girl, and the married couple had been swinging – she was a unhappy unsuccessful person, she had been  attracted to this man and wanted him for herself, so she saw this as an opportunity to drive a wedge between him and his wife???????????

What was i doing with this – sure i had earnt some money, not vast sums but i had sacrificed a good deal of ordinary work for the parties and such like, it was simply not possible to go to an all night party – get home at the same time some people go to work and be creative and successful.

The fetish world, bdsm and all that – it panders to a part of us that says ordinary life is not enough – we are fed dreams constantly which are just that – the reality is seedy and dirty. There is little worth in this particular world.

Recently i have been doing some research in politicians and what drives them – in Norway the environment is supposedly very clean but cracks are showing – really big cracks – the industries involved with food in particular are really showing some very callus attitudes, this is endangering our environment – that sounds pretty dramatic but it may be true.


In the uk the jimmy saville scandal has caused some big upheavals

In the 60s and 70s he had been very big on television in the uk.  There was something – something a bit of a mix, lots of large gold jewlery, a very pushy attitude – never any relationship with women, was he gay?? but then it turned out that he was a serial pedophile, that the connections with this went a very long way in the uk establishment. Many figures i had admired as a child were involved.  There had been many attempts at cover ups but now it was here.  Ok fine what has this got to do with Norwegian Fish??

Then there was a video on you tube

Apparently the uk social services had been making false cases to place children in care.  Initially i was rather skeptical about this, but the people concerned were very high placed and well connected, in fact the man concerned here was natos security chief, his child had been taken by the uk social services – they had made reports on him without actually meeting him, many of the people concerned had false credentials, fact – 30 children in care cost some £750,000 per year, there are nearly 90,000, its private business, not state run.

- he eventually got a court judgment by the Hague international court of justice against the uk social services.

He went to the uk to sort this out and found himself banned form the uk for 10 years under threat of instant arrest.  So what has this to do with fish??

Then i found this website

It named prime ministers, judges, lords and more, it explained that some of these children’s homes had been supplying children for these people for many years.  This was extremely upsetting for me. Many of these figures i had seen in the news and on the tv over the years – i had respected and admired them and so apparently had the world and they were here, was this right??


As a child i had been in the private school system in the uk.  I had been savagely beaten on many occasions and generally mistreated – i had cried alone so often that i had to make my own world to escape – you see the people concerned i had respected – i had genuinely felt that i was being beaten because i was bad and worthless – later i had had a nervous breakdown and that had led to further mistreatment by a system that didnt care. (electroshock and worse)  It made relationships impossible and had altered my life soo much.

Then i could see how being mistreated could make me an abuser too – this was far too much – way far too much.

But again – how is this related to fish.

These people dont care, they really dont – they are so fixated on one issue that nothing else matters – they are the abused and abusers – they taint everything around them too – i am not saying that our seas are being polluted because all our politicians are involved with serious sexual misconduct – what i am saying is the morality of the few carries over to the others – they are our leaders and their only interest is personal gratification – cant get it from sex, then from power and money.

This is incredibly dangerous – we are giving the driving seat to the equivalent of alcoholics, this is the connection between fish and the sexual scandals in the uk.