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spoon carving and spooners

Sometimes i think we are living close to the end of our times – something instinctual about getting away from the bullshit and plain lies we are so bedevilled with. There suddenly seems to be an upsurge in making things. Perhaps a wish to connect —

Ive been asked to join a spooncarving facebook side with over 2,000 members.

Utterly fantastic. The members are hugely enthusiastic – competitions, spoon swaps and more.


A far cry from when i started way back in the ealy 1980s – there was very little information available so i had to learn and make my own techniques.

In fact i was so pleased with these that i began to write for the woodworker magazine. The next stage was to formalise the technique, that is make moves and such like into rules – the tool must be held like this, the knife handle must project beyond the blade so that this takes place and so on.

Then came a video – basic spoon carving with Bertie Somme – i was so proud.

Unfortunatly the company concerned was run by some very dear people who also liked to smoke vast quantities of pot. They i think had considerable debts – in particular i remember some very fancy video editing gear, in fact vast amounts.

As a result payment was desultory – however i digress – we went on to make a second video – advanced spoon carving – ive just seen a copy for sale on amazon at 240 canadian dollars.


But now i find myself pushed aside – no one seems to be interested – there are other teachers whose students are a little jealous and far better at playing the promotion game than me. Only trouble is the methods are a little antique to say the least and very possibly dangerous. Axes, some safety issues with knives, because it is almost a religion one must use old fashioned tools and so on – a real shame as it is so easy to do in the home and on your lap if you use my technique. (by the way ive laid out 7 videos on you tube about just this)


The crafts council had a bloke who was a spoon maker. A director of some kind – he announced that there was going to be a series of lectures and demos at the crafts council hq in london – i went along and found a few very unhappy people standing on the pavement – it had been cancelled and without telling any of those who had come a long way to attend, not very gracious but then thats the crafts council.


So now i am cutting firewood mostly – for a living/job. Nice thing about it is i get to pick any nice bits and so have quite a library downstairs right now. Got a deep bowl with handle nearly ready and a large scoop/ladle with some hours of work left to do.


I dont expect to get anywhere with this spoon carving lot as they seem to be the usual (perhap i dont understand how to function in this kind of miljø?) but some are trying and its nice.


Right now big storms and snow – not a great deal but in drifts. Poor birds are desperate – im having up to 4 at a time on my steps – seeds,nuts and bread from the bread slicer in the supermarket .i tell them my slicer emptying services are free.


Today i washed the floors by hand – i have a machine which ive used in the past but it seems fast by hand and perhaps more efficient. Feels goood too.

Teflon, what amazing stuff and pure poison.

ive been going on a bit about how we are fooled by big companies and organisations.  So here is a bit more that affects nearly every one of us but demonstrates how this goes.

Some 30 years ago i would say most people had a connection to non teflon coated wookware – cast iron or stainless steel.

Then teflon began to take over.   Non stick  frying pans – well up to a point, they are only supposed to last 3 to 5 years.

So in fact its a  good sales gimmick – cast iron – 50 years of life at least – cost £50 – Teflon only £20 to £30.


So what happens to the teflon on your frying pan – most probably a good deal is mixed in with the food you eat, and of course some is washed off.  So are you happy eating teflon??

Teflon is supposed to be completely inert – that is your bodys acids and chemicals cannot break it down so its safe – well is it???

One substance produced in the production of teflon is perfleuroisobutene – it is also produced from teflon when it gets too hot – how hot – a gas stove will reach that temperature in a very short time – a electric stove in 2 minutes or less.  This substance – well read this



Now that may be a bit too much to digest so here is a little snip that may be more helpful – just do what i do and skip the big words, the rest will make sense.

Chemical weapons convention

So we are actually allowing a substance to be used in the preparation of food that produces a gas under not so very un ordinary circumstances which kills people – IT REALLY DOES, IT KILLS PEOPLE.

And you are happy to use this in your home every day.

Now here is something interesting – the reason it does not kill you, it just gives you flu like symptoms – is that there is not enough on a frying pan.  It will however kill any pet birds – ahh and if you read the first capture again you will see that when it comes in contact with water it produces fleurophosgene among other compounds, in other words the effects on your lungs is permanent scarring.

Deaths from this – a factory where teflon was reclaimed and turned into powder for re use had some new workers – 3 of them took a smoke break.  The dust on their cigarettes was enough to kill one and permanently damage the others.  The big chief in charge of making this stuff in the uk says there must have been a lot of teflon involved.

Do you trust people like that??


Do you trust any state that knows this and still allows the sale of teflon coated wookware??



So for now enough i think of dire health warnings – i think most of us do what we can and  even more are beginning to wake up, but it will be a long time before the majority act.

The simple fact is that we must become responsible for ourselves and not think of anyone being there to protect us.  One bright thing is that the sale of Gm foods in some parts of the states is falling so much that Nestle among others is having to lay off workers.


New direction

I am surprised – in fact im very pleased – im holding up well at swanpro.  The job is pretty menial – right now i seem to be spending most of my time working with a very old guy chopping wood with a hydraulic ram.  We have fun because from just a job it has become a challenge and my coullege and i are working together very well indeed.

pain, sometimes but a great deal less than i though i would have  – it seems that  glucosamine and one of two other little things are working.

This article sounds very authorative – it says that glucosamine does not work – BUT A LOT OF PEOPLE USE IT.

These articles tend to change so i like to take a snapshot of the page concerned


Glucosamine wicki


It says here very authoratatively – but i wonder if there is an industry associated with this that would have its income affected if more people used it.

What kind of a world are we living in???

So a little blind faith – some years ago i got involved with a very nice guy in Cornwall – the long and short is i was making something a little specialised and he baught one.  We became friends and had a number of adventures – i did quite a bit here and there for him such as fixing a shop front – new back door and so on.  Eventually i was introduced to Matt from Devizes.

I met him on several occasions and was very impressed by the man.  He was very socially concious and worked hard at doing his best for people around him.  One thing that he revealed was that he and friends made crop circles.

Ohh yeah i hear you say – fact is poor old Matt – or Dave as he likes to be called is the only person in England to have been prosecuted for making crop circles.  he told me many stories about them and his coullegues – primarily the ones concerning disbelief that anyone makes them – the worst people concerning this are the ones running the conferences held in the uk.(they have doctorates and degrees – Matt and his friends dont)  The crop circle makers learnt that a certain lady author was going to do some ariel photographs – so they made some specially for her – every one they made was in her book, except for the field with her initialls.

Crop circles


If you read the bit – legal implications you will see MATT WILLIAMS quite clearly.

My question is simply this – we see endless articles about crop circles and how people are sure theyre made by aliens etc – that they are involved with collective concious and so fith.  If peopleare really so gullable then it is easy to see how they can be fooled by other things such as health issues.

Follow your incstincts and you wont be far wrong – dont trust the guy with the white coat and the good bedside manner.

Guys with white coats – when i was 13 i was shot by an airgun in the leg.  The hole was quite deep i could feel something at the bottom of the hole when i pocked it with a matchstick – but the doctor involved told me that the pellet had come out and the x rays showed this, so though i could have pulled it out with a pair of tweezers i believed the man.  I am now 60 and all the x rays since show its still there. Evil bastard.

Strange how ideas can link together.

Suddenly got this very strange idea that if you were to dominate the world you would need to control the food – that is first and foremost – then the water, and so on.

Apparently Nestle is trying to own the water in several countries.  In the uk south west water worked with us and stood up with us against a project which involved placing a vast chemical and household dump on  top of a marl pipeline earmarked as a major source of water in the next 50 years in the south west of england.  The dump was in the quarry at Hillhead beside the village of uffculme.

initially we got no encouragement from the council until we managed to do a door to door collection and got several hundred pounds which the council matched – we did all kinds of stunts and won the first round.

The company we were battling against was the kingfisher group.  Their response was to buy south west water.  Not a great deal of money either.  Imagine that.

The chemical and household waste dump is in full swing




uffculme tip


Now why would any sane council allow such a thing – well first i have found out that councils dont plan long term at all – very little indeed is for more than 10 years – the second thing is – ARE THEY TRYING TO WRECK OUR NATURE – IS THIS DELIBERATE.  No wayyy surely.

So on Norways coast we have a company called Fmc biopolymers – with links to monsanto – ploughing the entire length of the coast for seaweed – they say all kinds of things – how little they take, how it does not damage the environment and so on – well it seems our seabirds are dying – we have huge streams of mackrel, bigger than ever before – possibly linked to the fact that  plankton is no longer wellcome in the seaweed forests as the plants have a defence mechanism (why do you think they are full of iodine for instance??)   All this fully supported by Norways marine biologists in the various research institutions (well most of them anyway)    France is the same, Portugal and Spain too. ive spoken to the eu about this


the only country that seems against this is the uk – i wonder why???


we read endless papers on the seas, how they are dying – so WHY IS THIS ALLOWED??? Who would benefit if our seas no longer produced anything??  Naah its too bizarre -


Think though, all our food produced by one company – possibly in greenhouses or underground – scifi???? so is the genetic engineering used on crops even though its based on a 70 year old idea and that incorrect.