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very disturbing news.

Very disturbing news.

Just been watching a video about the uk and how a man had his child stolen by the social services there.





Riiiight – sounds like a plea for sympathy – to make a cause out of a case of abuse that the authorities stepped in to prevent or to stop – hmm, actually no such thing. According to the video the man concerned happens to be natos chief security advisor – his ex wife a confirmed alcholoic and drug addict.

Skip some details but essentially he got complete custudy of the child concerned – his ex ran off with her and got to the uk. When he tried to get her back he found there was a wall against him – persevering he went to court only to find himself blocked – he then found  the solicitors he was supposed to use had connections with the industry and gave him false advice – he also found they were linked to the company contracted to provide expert witness in such cases – he then checked their crudentials to find they were false but still earnt up to £100,000 per case.


He was also sent reports stating that he was a hopeless alcholic and drug addict from expert witnesses he had never met(he is natos chief security expert)

Persuing it further he got judgment from the european court of justice in the Hague against this judgement by the british legal system and further demanded the child be returned as this was an illegal act. He then found himself banned from the uk for 10 years. First though he was threatened with jail if he persevered – but he simply told the judge he had a diplomatic passport and could not be jailed by the British system.


Researching the people involved he found mps, judges and many people in very high places involved in this swindle and crooked enterprise – the people who run this scam also run the childrens homes and get something like 1 million per year for 30 children – the total is over 90,000 something like well over 1 billion pounds per year in this industry lining the pockets of some very powerful people operating under a seemingly caring government.


My interest in this surely is partly the shocking revelations but far more sinister – what else is going on – i can now find it far easier to believe that we are being lied to and comprehensively about the seaweed harvesting and what is happening there – i hear things like the tracking devices on ships off the norwegian coast being turned off for extended periods – presumably so they can dump toxic waste untracked, or maybe dump drugs for pickup – transfer illegal carego – you name it – no one is checking. We really do need people to find these things and to make the powers that be aware. However the english thing is truly shocking – it is the most henious abuse ive heard of in my life, but perhaps not entirely unsurprising – i did spend most of my life there.

Disassociative wallow

Dissasociative wallow

  So we get too cosy and we let things slip.  Right now thats my problem.

  Just been called by Nav, they want me to join a company here to see what i can do – after this theyll find me a job.  I havent worked for any employer for nearly 40 years, just for myself.

This should be fun.

  Half of me says i would really like to be in my safe cozy little world and the other half says «yeahh» heres a real adventure. Well simple fact is ive been letting thigs slip quite badly – late nights, not focussing on the important things – stacks of little jobs im not doing and im just drifting – sure im doing maintanence and fishing, and the occasional little job but its trivial and im persuading myself that my hurts are the real reason.

   I guess Nav will shortly find out how bad my hurts are – i did put them in my form so they are advised.  Ill bet theyve never had anything like that before – brain damage, no joint capsule on right leg – skeletal problems due to leg on that side being 2.5 cms shorter due to the road accident – tinnitus – wheyy a challenge.

   Today i had planned to do some work on the boat – i now have it placed beside the house and ive built a tapaulin cover over it

    Its holding up well even though right now there is a major storm.  It was also too cold so i cancelled the boat for today.  Instead ive spent a couple of hours sorting screws.  Good for the soul.

Good news though – ive finally decided on what needs to be done about the boat – Hans Kjell came to have a look and we discovered that the walls are held to the deck by screws hidden behind plugs, so it should be a rlatively simple matter to drill them out and unscrew. With any luck they will be top quality stainless steel and too much prying wont be necessary.

   Just heard the horrenduous news about the Phillipines – 10s of thousands dead from the worlds worst hurricaine.  Some of the poorest people on earth too – and now theyre subject to gangs and all the violence that goes with desperation.  I wonder what will happen here – we are bound to have some sort of a disaster sooner or later.  The selfish gene – it always will and always has gone on.    I like to think im fighting it – getting a real buzz too, but i think it may be upsetting some friends.  Theyre not used to people doing things without any pay. Or getting half of the proceeds for something theyve given away.

      One nice thing about armageddon will be that electricity will be off – no computers or smart phones – my weel have to talk to one another.

Apparently USA has made preparations for armageddon – if you believe what you see on facebook.  Apparently they have asked Russia for help in the event (do you believe that hihiii)

      Meanwhile my conspiracy theory grows – perhaps were going to stage 3 – i think many laws are being broken by some of Norways industries and so we need to find out which.  There is no doubt that there is heavy pollution here and that it is spreading and that the government is not taking it seriously – easier to let everything go to hell than intefere with big companies.  Evil bastards.

Music – i think i may be getting good at it – im sitting at my keyboards often now and the results are making me quite happy.  No doubt i need to try the puter again, after all i invested in it. Multitracking is the way to go.

    Just been checking to see if the Wolborough hill school website is still on facebook – it is not – perhaps it was because of what i wrote about Mr Day the headmaster – evil bastard.  Im feeling quite vindicated about that – maybe one day ill feel Normal – equal.

Wolborough hill school

   Nothing from Elder sister – hopefully it will be finished now – another dragon slayed.  Every so often i have a little pang and wish it was otherwise but she could not help herself if it was the last thing she ever did . Ive spent my life living under the constant humiliations – the horrenduous feelings of being wrong – then sitting down and thinking about it rationally – she is certainly a master at manipulation.  Keith is just stupid – desperatly clinging to the wrong end of the stick for the same reasons that Ellie does, but in many ways not so dishonest.  I was invited to Olivers wedding – i didnt even reply – it would have been dreadful.  Sorry Oliver but at the end of the day no matter how nice you are, youre still mummys boy – the idea of staying in a pub whilst everyone else goes back to the house is something that would really grind.   Oooh, my i do sound down. 

   Early night is very good medicine.

   Today was fish stir fry – ginger and all sorts – i feel very good about food now – virtually no meat – loads of vegetables, as much organic as possible.