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Funny story

Was sitting with a group of friends today in a nearby small town.  We started talking about old animals and how it was better to put them out of their misery – also how true animal lovers showed no compunction over this.

One old friend told us about his cat – it was getting so old – it made messes all over the house and became very unpleasant to be near – so he decided that its time had come.

Every time though he went to fetch his shotgun the cat simply dissapeared.

one day he was up in the bedroom where he kept the shotgun and suddenly he spied the cat taking a nap under the window – it was open.

Well he shot the cat.

Took the corpse up to the woods to bury it and afterwards went home.

When he got home his wife asked him where he had been – “well” he said,” ive just been up to bury the cat. “   “Ahh you cant have,” said she – “its in the front room in its usual place” – and there it was.  Heed shot his neighbours cat.

It was said in such a deadpan voice.


2 days ago i decided to do some longlining – i got the fish out of the freezer – waited for it to defrost – sliced it up and carefully attached each piece to the hooks id so carefully attached to the longline, with swivels and steel wire.

The sea was a bit lumpy when i took it out and filling it took a little longer than i wanted so by the time i got out it was nearly dark.   In fact it was dark by the time i dropped the boy and all off.  It was so lumpy i even suddenly found myself sitting in the bilgewater.

The last weight was a concrete lump from Aril.

Thought yesterday id better go fetch and so set out in the open boat.  Again the sea was a bit lumpy – sort of 12 footers but very few cresting and no rain.   The boy was easy to find.  There seemed to be an endless amount of rope under it but eventually i began to feel the weight, the concrete one that is.  But it seemed to be light.

The waves had rolled the line around all night and it had gnawed against the concrete lump till it had been cut clean off – lost the lot.


Today had a fantastic day – decided to dump all the unburnable from Anners load of building material waste and some of the fiberglass from the boats roof.  At the tip site i spied what looked like the bottom of the legs of an artists easel sticking out of a black plastic polybag – pulled it out and indeed it was.  in top notch condition too.   As i left i saw a very nice piece of mirror glass someone had put against one of the bins – obviously with the thought that someone might like it. Well thinks i – i might make another mirror.  Just as i was taking it a guy with a huge monstrous pickup truck said to me – “did i want another mirror – completely new?”  So i had a look and lo and behold loaded it up too.

Decided to have a cup of coffee and went to a nice little cafee i know.  There i met some friends and happened to mention the mirror – my friend Terje said he needed new mirror.  One look and that was it – exactly what he wanted.  So i showed him the easel and said i was probably going to give it to his brother – ahh says he – ive allways wanted one like that.  perfect.

So i bump into Aloysus and he asks me to deliver a bed for his granddaughter.  His daughter is there and all of a sudden i had this idea – “youre not looking for a mirror by any chance?”  BRILLIANT  – it is such a wonderful thing to come across things people are throwing away and to find exactly the right people at the right time.  It gave me even more joy to refuse all offers of payment.  Altruism, no such thing, this feeling is worth a great deal.






so many comments, so much spam.

so much of the information that is thrust at us today is a scam – our life is spent filtering out what is of use and what is not – just imagine if those talents were put to some useful research.  We dont think enough of ourselves.


For me the world sparkles –  that is it shines  – simple little things suddenly seem to be so important and so delightful.  A bird passing tweets as it goes overhead – the sparkle of a raindrop on a stalk of grass -

Yesterday i was out at sea with my friend Knut – it was a big sea and grey – we got quite wet from the rain, the boat is an open 18 foot fiberglass job – it felt so good even though we were going up and down sometimes as much as 12 feet and we were cold.  i had a good sized haddock and a pollock.  As we left the dock i threw a mackrel head to a seagull – it looked familiar, and it looked as if it recognised me.  All summer there has been this baby seagull sitting in the same place this one came from – all the time plaintively doing the baby seagull bit – feed me feed me.  The same one?  But now a beautiful swan.

So why should i be taken in by spam – im not – i dont need readers, i dont need comments, this blog is entirely for me and no one else.


So now im doing up my boat - i got it very cheaply from my friend per Ove – he has many friends in the area and loved that boat, so many have been onboard and for trips of various lengths.  i like to think im continuing that gift by lovingly restoring the boat.

I like to use my incstincts when doing such work – so my framework was based on angles – well as much as possible anyway.  We get a lot of wind here so it needs to have stress points and places where stress is passed from one point to another.  I guess the whole is held together by the tapaulins.

Scaffold first part

The angles are joints with bolts.  The cross beams are screwed to the decks.

From the sideRoof finished tarp overFin from the frontLucky me - a clear side to let the light in


The roofs are very rotten but i can see theyve been replaced before so its not really that difficult to do – im a bit surpised at how thin the walls are though – but fortunatly ive a LOT OF MAHOGANY.


Today the surrounding mountains got a light frosting of snow – i guess it will be to and fro for months now – the firewood is drying in the barn.  Today i helped Johan stack his winters firewood in the cellar – i dont think he has more than me, but its bone dry.



New wave.

Reality is something every one of us percieves differently – it is the way our brain interprets what we see.

Under pressure the brain can fool itself into seeing anything it feels protects the organism, but underneath we know the truth.


Our society is being manipulated – in fact it has always been manipulated – but that mainipulation is reaching new peaks because the structure of society has altered.  This however can be a 2 way sword.


My current project is trying to stop commercial seaweed harvesting on the norwegian coast – in fact to get governments worldwide to take a very serious look at what is happening to our seas in relationship to this activity/industry.  It is quite clear that officialy there is no knowledge of this and its harmful effects   however questions (serious questions) are being asked – official answers are being given, but with the amount of proof allready in public domain they are not enough.

My credibility is not an issue, but the credebility of marine biologists involved with this is!   In fact the credibility of marine biologists in general could be a major issue if half of what i say (and speculate) is true.   The truth is very easy to see and find – it is just a question of believing in the system or believing in what you see and understand.


A wanderer

Its time for something new – not necessarily something different, just something new.  Perhaps a new outlook!


My life has been a struggle against myself – primarily because the system would not allow me to be myself, the person that i really am and want to be.  (this is a kind of dialague with myself where im trying to be several voices/people)


As a child when i first started school here i thought it was fantastic – the idea of working with all the others to make something,do something, the possibilities were enormous.  i felt a kind of power inside me – unfortunatly it made me a target and that i surely was.  In England there is a great drive to put everyone in a place where they can be understood – where they conform to the “rules” whatever they are.  If you dont conform its worrying and needs to be sorted, the best way to do this is with pressure – social pressures – ridicule, deprivation,if that dosent work then physical bullying, people must understand where they are and what they are.

The worst kind of non conformism is the type that dosent conform to the non conformist pattern, because then you possibly have a reasonable rebellion, one which is right and that is intolerable particurly when you see who it is coming from.  The worst fear of all is that you might be wrong and the target right.  The easiest way to deal with this is to prove to the target that everything they say and do is wrong – that the  only way for them to continue is to utterly conform in every way.  NOW, RIGHT OR WRONG THAT IS HOW IVE FELT MOST OF MY LIFE.

My tenage years had some interesting happenings and now, at nearly 60 i feel so good about the things i got into – because they are what make us human – the intense interest in something that just took my fancy – for instance pond life – the last contact i had with that was a large article i wrote for the bbc website h2g2 – later i became interested in marine life, littoral that is – now that is paying off with a reasonable knowledge of the strange creatures im finding here, and they are bizarre – commensal tunicates, skeleton shrimps,and so on —  right now my boat is up alongside the house – it is pouring with rain and stormy so i cant really get to grips with it but my intent is to build a framework around the boat with timber and tapaulins, then take off the 2 roofs, cut out the rot in the walls, replace with the mahogany i brought over from the uk and reassemble.  Replace all the electrics so they work, put in more cupboards, cup holders,tool chests,drawers, worktops,beds and so on, i can do this because i have all the tools from my furniture making days and have the necessary experience.

Perhaps its also time i found someone to share this with – hmm a dating site, had a lot of fun on those in the uk – met so manyy interesting people and had incredible adventures.


Right now the main task though is to stop seaweed trawling on the Norwegian coast – in fact i want to wake up the environmentalists to this which i feel is a conspiracy of international proportions -  if i can do this then i can sleep.