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Filtering pornography -

There is no doubt that filtering porn is not a bad idea, especially as far as young people are concerned.  It can and is an addiction that is not easily broken, it also has other effects.

In this day and age the world is largely run by corporations – governments are tools and the best able to manipulate and run them are large corporations.  Research institutions get very little state funding on the whole – most of the research is paid for by companies,corporations and individuals – this is ok because the state says “we trust them.”  However the monsanto case shows that these links are unhealthy for the population and unhealthy for the corporations in the long run as their money ultimately comes from us.  Like any bank they are keen for the money NOW – the long term is not important.


So how is this connected to pornographic sensorship?  Very simply this – if it is generally allowed it will be used as an excuse to filter all information.  In fact this is allready happening but mainly on social medias like facebook.

On websites like my own i can post and do post links to documents i consider important to prove my case – is it not the case that this is proving damaging to the interests of the company concerned – even to the state organisations that are allowing the wholesale  destruction of wildlife on our coasts to continue?  How could i continue to post these documents if filtering  goes ahead – the filtering will not be done by the state but by private organisations.

How does this damage the long term future of large companies?  In my case if the activities of this company are not stopped then the ecological consequences will be dire – seaweed harvesting, even cultivating will be stopped – if not by legislation, then by the natural circumstances in the environment braught about by this activity.  The health issues invididuals would suffer would have to be paid for by society in more ways than just money.


So for a healthy world and a world good for corporations and big business we need freedom of speech.