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What is freedom?

For many years i was the prisoner of circumstances – as a child mother moved us from Norway to England when father died – many days and nights i lay in bed feeling the whole world was against me – railing against the injustices people commited on me – right from the regular beatings at school to the often deliberate muisunderstandings i was subject to at home.  I longed to be free and to do the things i really wanted to do, but seemed to far out of reach.


As life progressed things changed – the iron grip the family had on me slackned and i was able to do what i wanted – it was a truly awesome liberation – i was able to explore many fantasies – to defy the system very nearly completely with what i did and how i operated – for some 20 years i operated on less than £6,000 a year, that included mortgage,rates,car,food,and everything else.  Yes it really is possible.  I was able to fulfil nearly every fantasy i had over my chosen profession – right from working in the woods, the sawmills,to making and selling the finished items.  My clients were the key and in those years 1979 to 2004 i was living the dream.  Sure money was always the problem but i managed.

Other fantasies i fulfilled too, (again a revenge on the system?)   i became one of the most prominent makers of fetish furniture and for 15 years sold my wares at major events in the uk – and becme very well known.


My path now is as an environmentalist – i have begun a process of distributing information about something i see as major to every country in the world – something that is hidden and covered by peoples belief in the religion of science – that is if someone with enough credentials says it then it must be true, even if they are the ones to directly benefit from this.  Scientists have been caught out again and again simply by someone doing a little research on their own.  Apparently my little campeign is having quite some sucess.


Sunset 6 adj


So why should this be important to anyone – because this is the way forwards for all of us.  We need to believe in what we are doing – we need to be obsessive about everything we do so that we can become experts – ive seen that many times before.  More often than not the system is rotten to the core and you have to do it yourself entirely.  Universities are places people go for the social life – the real universities are inside you – the book you pick up will give you far more than a month of university classes.  In our society today we have sooooooo many possibilities and the means to do – it only requires you to believe.   it can also be the other way round – just believe there is no alternative.