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Love and life.

For much of my life ive adored being sensuous – touching,feeling,being – seeing.

Recently i was considering magic – every one of us has it – its just that we dont see it as such.  Our perceptions tell us that magic is waving the hands, sparks and fireworks.  The reality is that magic is in the perception, that is magic is how we see things.

Whilst in London i used to get on the tube and see the amazingly exotic and different people – the brightness of a hair band on a young womans head – a brightly polished pair of shoes on a businessmans feet – the colour of the hand grip above the seat – the warm sounds of the tube train – i knew others felt the press of bodies as odious, the dirt on the floor as seedy and tiresome – the carriage as smelly and unpleasant.    Here in the wilds of Norway i see magic in everything too – but its in the look of a bird – the shape of a flower.     i have never cut the grass here at my house – it is now a riot of colours – the grass is fantastic – some nearly 6 foot tall – the tops of the grass have wonderful shapes – some are bushy – some you can see the little pollen pods extended – they are in groups and clusters – like little families.


I have not made anything for a long time – its time now to begin to create again – it feels good.

Me and the world.

This seaweed business is very stimulating, pehaps a little too much – im getting things done but nowhere near enough – house needs painting, there is only enough firewood for 3 months instead of 6 – a exhibition in august has no work ready – a man is coming in the next few weeks to work with me(he wants to make a career out of wood – life is far too unsatisfying as a wage slave) - the fridge is full of mackrel for bait – longlining for halibut  – and im just sitting here having had my second cup of instant coffee – well ive put the laundry on.  Arild is borrowing a boat i dont use – and the outboard in half an hours time —

The latest on the seaweed business is that seaweed when disturbed puts out iodine related chemicals as a weapon – this is why the seabirds are dying along our coasts, this is why in fact they are dying all over the world – well many of them are dying from this that is.  Im working in conjunction now with a leader from naturvernforbundet one of Norways premiere environmental organisations – im not unduly worried about this information coming out as the truth is always more powerful than any other weapon – and perhaps im stupid – but then ive earnt that right – ive worked hard at it and the honour is mine – YESSSSS.

Dreams are powerful things – if you dream long enough the chances are that it will come true in one way or another – but be careful, there is always a cost.


We live in a strange world – it is changing rapidly, probably far too rapidly for anyone to make real sense but it seems there is a powerful state on one side – but on the other a degree of immunity for large companies – as if they are countries in their own right – these companies are run by people, citizens just like you and me, but by manipulating the structure put up to govern us they are in fact becoming the state themselves – this is fine in its infancy, but what will it become – the state the framework, big business the power.

My head is beginning to hurt considering the implications – i need to get away – fishing or perhaps a festival.






Exciting times – good life.

Im now working with an excellent group on this massive environmental issue – SECRET ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE.

Why secret – because it looks as if its exceptionally well protected.

A little run down – the entire Norwegian coast is being harvested by trawlers dragging 3 metre wide steel sleds tearing up the plants – the plants have a defense mechanism which releases chemicals into the water which are poisonous.

All the research papers on seaweed harvesting say the same thing – it takes 6 to 9 years for the animals to return to their former state after harvesting – harvesting occurs every 4 or less years – so the entire norwegian coast is being denuded of sea life.

The safeguards are that the havsforskningsinstitut  is being relied on to protect the environment by producing information and oversight that nature is not being disturbed unduly – many of the board members of the havsforsknings institut are also members of companies involved with exploiting norways nature such as aker seafoods

Isnt this absolutely amazing – here am i, truly a nobody – no qualifications and yet it seems that i am actually a major player in this by producing information which anyone could find – Norways seabirds are dying out – many fish are ill – for fucks sake what is going on.