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So what changes?

Strange thing this blogging – it seems to take a life of its own – i have an idea and the next thing it metamorphoses as i write.  problem?? Nahh, i enjoy.


As a craftsman i get involved in all kinds of things – often its to do with shops of varying kinds of status – sometimes galleries and arts centres – right now its a new gallery at Bud.

Bud is on the corner of the coast before you turn inland towards Molde or carry on down the coast towards Ålesund.

Its views are most spectacular. The colours utterly amazing, they can vary from deep blue to a completely sandy coulered sky.

Bud is also a strange place in  some ways – the houses are widespread and it feels a little empty when you get to know it a little.  Allmost as if everybody is in hiding.  But this is probably mistaken as i know it has a very buisy choir scene and many other fully fledged and active organisations and im sure is a very happy place for many.

As a maker i was invited to visit the New Ergan centre a few days ago – it was a very strange event in some ways.

I had been to meetings for over a year about this possibility – the talk was energising and strong about the amazing possibilities here – we were asked to deliver full reports on how we could spread our craft – how we could do small classes in our premises for children etc – i found myself contemplating contacting my old coullegues in the uk who do some amazing woodcraft and are prepared to travel – and writing scenarios.  We felt there was a great deal of money involved and a sum of 200,000 nkr was mentioned to promote this new horizon.


Crafts are actually very important – they are about empowerment, about making something often out of things around us like trees, stones,plants and more.  Ok the idea has been collectively used by failed artists for many years to sponsor activities such as clipping out pieces of paper to make montages and so forth which is really another home for the arts world, the real crafts world is far more useful – a succesful craftsman on the whole does not have enough time for this kind of thing, but every so often it is a good idea to listen as there are real possibilities.


So finally after some 15 months we were told the centre was going to open.  We were not invited.  So we stirred a bit.

I went to visit the centre and found it was very chaotic – i said who i was and also mentioned that we were a bit upset.  This to the manageress.

I had a quick glimpse of the area we supposedly were to be given and was not in the least impressed – for a start one would have to pay to see our work and secondly the restaurant was behind the door to the exhibition so presumably one would have to pay to have a cup of tea.


So i was very suprrised that at very short notice we were all invoted to a opening and some food – free food is always interesting.

So we had the usual speech about how important this was going to be – then we had a look.

Strangely enough the first exhibit had a flying pig – literally a pig hanging from the cieling in a display case – my, i thought – this is significant.

flying pigs

The other displays involved tiny models showing the sea bottom and various objects littered around on these models that had been found there.  There were interactive torches that supposedly linked information on a screen to the objects and some information.

It was a very empty experience – as if it had been put together for very young people (under the age of 10), all surplous information removed as they are not capable of handling too much.

The panoramic window looking out over the skerries and islands is extremly impresive.  perhaps some 100 foot plus of view, in fact id go so far as to say superb. You can even sit over a cup of coffee whilst you contemplate this.

After our little view we were shuffled to the cinema – very plush and comfortable – to see a film on a huge sea avalanche that had occured there 8,000 years ago.  The essential information should have taken about 5 minutes but it stretched out to some 40 minutes – i found myself fast asleep – it was very booring.  Endless views of drill cores and talking heads, and how clever the people in the oil industry are.


After this we were taken to the Ergan fortress.  Ive never been as i felt that to pay for what could be  rather empty experience was not really my cup of tea – i was right.

The manageress gave us a talk.  The walls are covered with information charts – i felt that while it gave information it was lacking in spirit, as if the people writing it were not really interested and just doing a job.  For istance it mentioned the Blucher battleship, but nothing of the extraordinary feats of the man who ultimately sunk her, of her last trip up the oslo fjord aflame from end to end – that is surely something worth mentioning – but no.

The manageress talk was quite good, we felt real passion about a russian soldier who had been executed and buried, Afterwards i tried to tell her about another soldier who had been saved but she was not interested and almost rude – i did not either tell her about my father and his capture and escape – she surely would not have been interested.


So im afraid to say the entire event left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth – in fact the whole event is perfectly symbolised by the flying pig.


I gather that the powers that be, are a bit concerned about the amount of money involved and so little interest.  i am not surprised.  Unfortunatly i also feel that they have suddenly realised that our little group could provide some interesting things for boored and unstimulated tourists – do we want to be used in this way? is it going to be 2 way or just theirs?


I have been involved with several shops here – i am a little surprised at how mercenary they are when it comes to money.  One still owes me some 3,000 krone, but i have decided to walk away.  To them the money is insignificant – and presumably so is my work – i dont want to contemplate that any more.



Strange world

Here is the law – one should not deliberatly go out to hurt anyone

one should be capable of giving as good as got

one should believe that one is capable of anything, only then can one become a decent human being and not do those ghastly things so many do.

One should always tell the truth because it is really the single most important thing we have – if we lie to others we are also likely to lie to ourselves.

Greed is good, but be practical about it – do you really need so much —– money,food,clothes,electronics ——-

Generosity is amazing, practice it whenever possible, you will always get more in return – even if you have to wait years.


The last, brings to mind a certain individual who i got to know quite well.  His family was tied up with the Jehovas witnesses but something had happened to him – a combination of drugs, sex,being on the outside and desperatly wanting in – cant accuratly quantify or measure the problem but it was there.

From what i learnt(but it may be wrong) he was finally cast out of the jw because he went on a retreat for a few days and promised 2 different women that he would marry them if he had sex with them.

So he had a workshp at a place called Brithembottom and after making all kinds of things began making windsor chairs – this he did quite well but unfortunatly it involved very hard work and this was not really his cup of tea.  He got help from Cosira – a government organisation set up to help rural businesses.  So he got a copy lathe for the windsor chairs – the chairs sold out and were on order – unfortunatly he now found that the copy turning business was a very lucrative business so he got in a lad and got him turning out vast amounts of material.  his turnover got to something like £2,000 a week just on that.

All of a sudden it was mooooney, and the chairs went – but pressures were always there – i noticed a number of caravans were beginning to appear at his place – later i learnt that they were parked by a well known local crook – he would drive up to a house – remove the caravan and park it until the coast was clear then up to london or whatever.  One day my friend told me about Money, forged money and this guy who was living a £900 a week lifestyle.


Shortly after this he invested in new machinery – stuupid machinery – a new wadkin crosscut costing £2,000 and more, he simply didnt have the money.

One day i invited him and his wife to dinner – a couple of weeks later the invitation was returned – when we sat down to dinner i noticed that the silverware had my name on it – i asked him how long he had had all my silver spoons and cutlery – he said he had picked it up when he came to dinner last, did i want it back, and the rest???  It was really old family silver and had the family name.  I made no fuss and over the next few weeks just kept on as normal.


One day i heard he had been arrested for using fake money – yess it had finally come to that – he had expended all his credit and had then listened to his friend and spent the last on buying a large bundle of fake notes.  he told me that every one of the friends he had cultivated so hard over the years had dissapeared, only the ones he didnt really value (like me?) had stuck and it surprised him greatly.


I lost touch – over the  years a lot of things happened to me – i had severe injuries from a road accident and lost a lot but eventually got back on my feet.  I rented a workshop in a basement in exeter from a friend – one day i turned around and there he was – my windsor chair making friend.  He had changed a good deal – kep on looking over his shoulder – ahh thinks i – he has had some jail time.

He wanted me to get involved with this and that – but finally he said that i should go look at his old workshop as it was for sale – so i thought no more about it.  (hum i had no money and anyways it was coming from someone i did not trust)

i discussed it with friends and they encouraged me to check it out.

I did – it was perfect but i still had to play games but  got a free loan from the family to pay for it too.


It cost about £9,000 and 15 years later i sold it for £45,000 – so at the end of the day, what did some old silver matter – so trust in yourself, be nice to everyone even if they are shits.

Keeping your head high is what really matters – i sold the workshop to a man i knew and his wife.  They are really interesting people and do a lot for others.  They could not pay the whole amount in one go – suggested that the last £10,000 could be paid in stages.  The solicitor begged me not to allow this but i felt i should – gut feeling – i liked them.

They paid on time – the last amount was £2,000 - it was overdue – they told me they had struggled really hard to pay but would and could eventually – i believed them and said forget the rest.  I could and did – yess.  Against the rules but i had enough for the time so it was not really important for me.




Time flies, and we change –

So today i put the boat on the slip ready to fiddle with the underside – the new housing for the fishfinder seems to be problematic so as planned bits need to be cut off – new zincs – costly at £50 for the 2 – so hopefully after this bit of work i should see the fish, and the seabed.


I am slowly becoming something i did not want.  A screen watcher – so many people spend their days watching the tv – its a kind of sop – Thom hartman called it a drug – he is quite right it bloody well is – stress it goes away – just driiiiiift and everything goes away for now.  But our houses need painting, fish need catching – etcetc.  So im making excuses when i have finally managed to get everything nicely positioned for everything ive dreampt of.

Workshop full of wood – 3 boats – 2 allready on the sea – all the fishing equipment i could want, and even some money in the bank – not a great deal but nuff should i need it for a tour abroad or fixing this or that, so what is the problem?

Pain?  my mangled leg gives that now and again, but i need to bounce up against it to know how it is going to be today and even then i can often work through it and not suffer too much the next day.  No its simply this – habit.

One gets into bad habits and only discipline will fix it.


Childhood and rules – i guess if youve had a pleasant childhood its easy to find the rules you were given and enjoy them – mine was not so pleasant – it was full of “war” – long and repeated beatings from masters, hard physical bullying from schoolmates – even worse at work – so the rules ive been given i find i resent – the only ones i like are the ones i make myself – so that i do but not enough.


So now i find myself in a wonderful situation – my internet skills are called for by several organisations, my video editing skills by several more and my house needs painting – my workshop needs sorting, the barn finishing and -  yess im sloowly getting there.


My friend Helge died a few weeks ago – today i was sorting my boat and bumped into Helges widow – she was so lost – we had a pleasant conversation and she let her heart open -  people here have been incredibly kind to me – they have that in them, but they can also be very insular – there is a huge range of behaviour here too, right from sheer open warmth to bitter ignorance – ive been told by one friend to not say anything when he gets a phone call as the people concerned can be very unpleasant should they know he is with someone not family – one man said to me that i could not possibly hope to be a friend as he had only known me for 2 years – his friends he had known all  his life.  All quite understandable, but when one is vunerable it can be hard.

Experience has given me armour – so i am not likely to take umbridge against someone who is not pleasant, nor feel greatly upset, however as time passes i do wonder if i do enough to support those who offer me friendship – something i definatly need to work on.


The new boat still gives me such pleasure – working with the very incient motor – Johan told me to listen to it and compare it to a swiss watch – yess it does tick,  kchugkcug is indeed comforting, but it needs understanding and that is slowly coming.  ive made such mistakes.

To work.






Sliding together —

every so often things begin to fit together – im beginning to feel complete, as if everything ive been aiming for has slowly but surely been forming itself into something fantastic and something im meant to do and be.


The taretråling issue seems to becoming huge – potentially huge – it appears that many of the mass mammal and bird deaths around the world could possibly be linked to seaweed harvesting – as i dont know who will be reading this – ill leave the last bit til the last time.


Today i was reminded of how the Germans are – father absoloutely loathed Germans, hardly surprising when you jknow what he and my family went through at their hands.

So i decided to visit the fishing bridge on the antlanterhavsveien – got talking to a very nice German who offered me the small fish he was catching.  Another standing nearby was also catching small coalies and i asked him too, but he refused – fair enough.  But when he left, he simply dumped them over the side.  What a mean thing to do.  i would have liked to have told him about decent Germans, nice people who think about others and who care for nature, but it would just have been wasting my breath.


Finally, finally broke with my elder sister and her family – could i meet up in Molde – simple answer, no – could i go to my nephews wedding in the uk – again simple answer – no.  Free at last – a mixture of feeling good and at the same time scared – but no its something i should have done a long time ago.  So what happens if they decide to contact me when they are in Molde and want to come out here?  Lets cross that bridge when we come to it.


Fixing small things on my new boat, one after the other – painted the gear shifts with anti rust, next its make a little platform for the speed control – then get the cushions from Per Ove – then go on a tour somewhere – possibly krsund with Trygve stanley – that would be nice.