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How does it work?

I was very pleased to be asked to visit the Island of Sekken and stay overnight with friends for the 17th of may parade.

17 mai parade sekken adj1




I just love it on Sekken – its right in the middle of Moldefjord and people there are usually so cool.


Sekken til høyre adj



This time the march was the other way – fewer hills – i watched them go with joy in my heart – its such a wonderful thing to see people really doing something together even though there were not as many as last year.

At the dinner afterwards i got talking to a couple of men about fishing.  One was a thickset man – i asked if they had seen cod with blackened livers – the other man answered that he had seen such some time ago – i said i wondered if it was tied in with taretråling. And explained why.  No taretråling around here was the reply – the thickset man began to get quite cross, i explained what i do and tried to tell him what we had found out.

He got furious, saying “who was i to come to Norway and try to influence people here with my rubbish, i wasnt even a Norwegian”  i told him i was and where i was from – that just made him angrier – i then stupidløy told him that Norwegians were stupid not to question things and find out for themselves – at this he got furious and i throught he was about to hit me, so i apolagised – so he waded in with taretråling being strictly regulated – i told him that maybe so but the taretrawlers were breaking the bounds all the time – he said that was not the case – i then told him that i had been the first to bring a prosecution against the taretrawlers in Norway – he then said that the kjyst vakt or the fiskerie direktoratet were doing that job – i told him they werent – i then told him that the taretrawlers were emptying the coast of life – he said this was not true – i then told him that they took out the seaweed every 4 years – he said 6 – well anyway the result was a man who deeply believed in the system being utterly furious with me for questioning it at all.

I said we had been in a 2 hour meeting with Sverre Roald the director of the fiskeriedirektoratet – he said he very much doubted that – so i suggested he ask him.  hihi - he accused me of trying to get people to stand up for lies so i told him that was not the case – would he not do something about something he felt was wrong – his reply staggered me – why should i do anything about anything – i have everything i need and am an old man.

Perhaps this is why it is so difficult to do anything like this – people have work – they have children they do their job and they expect the rest to do theirs – police, biologists etc – to suggest that the system is malfunctioning is to hit at the base of the system – the one they spend their lives supporting.  To have a twit such as myself do it is even worse, because it means that if the system is wrong then i am right – intolerable.


Sooo the biggest example of the system not working is Monsanto -


This is a bit long, but essentially it says that genetically modified plants produced by monsanto are provided with a gene that means the plants have animal genetic material – this material is not suceptable to the chemical glyposphate which is in roundup.  Ideally this should lead to less chemical use, unfortunatly the reverse is happening.

Our bodies rely on bacteria in our gut for digestion and an extraordinary number of other functions – they have plant genetic material instead of animal  – roundup kills them  - the result is real problems, exacerbated by the a massive increase in the use of this chemical.  So we have a chemical linked to cancers,autism in children,heart disease and so on.

One organisation is trying to organise marches worldwide and seems to be doing pretty well

monsanto march snip of countries and places involved.

This is a snip from their organisationa chart for marches on the 25th.

It is almost as if the big corporations have taken on a life of their own – their own egos, law etc (their directors are human just like the rest of us – they must suffer as well) - it is quite clear that big business is treated differently when it comes to law – their directors cannot be jailed for pollution or from people dying from this if the company is big enough.  In fact legislators seem to lie down for them everywhere – even here in Norway where science and qualifications are god.


If ever NRk listens to us then it should be interesting to see reactions to what and who i am.


So now my smaller shark is nearly ready for the sea – ive scraped the bottom, painted it with three coats – painted the sides with linseed oil and other substances – painted and scraped the deck – filled the holes – painted the whole, scraped the inside and painted that and now im ready to put on the canvas cover – all that remains is to reassemble the motor and hope it goes.

Prim Nye farge adj


Started and ran the motor in boat 2 for an hour – sounds and goes really well.  I think the boat is quite capable of being used for fishing for the season – what i need to do is prepare for the building of a house to cover the boat whilst it is being worked on.  Hmm, wonder if i can get it into Anners barn, now that would be ideal – naaaah, far better to do the stuff here.

Framework around the boat – install interior supports for the roof etc, so that water runs off.  Cost??? lets say 5,000 kr.

The roof should be made of bent thin poles so that water will not gather – framework – poss 2 by 2s held together by kreg screws – sounds great