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Adventures, fear and misdirection.

Another little clash with beurocracy – and the converse – so maybe im right.

Got in contact with mattilsynet again – could i please take the liver samples to the offices in Molde.

Got there and met the man i was detailed to meet – thanked for the samples and had a little chat with one of the ladies working there – on the way home a phone call from the original person id contacted, could i please go back and pick the samples up as they do not have the compentance to do the necessary work  – the organisation supposedly examining fish livers – nifes does not either – then another message saying they were closed at 3.30 – the plot is really thickening.


Contact with a marine biologist at naturvernforbundet – he confirmed my feelings on the matter – it appears the seas are really dying.  There is a creeping stagnation creeping up the coast from denmark and it has now reached Kristiansand – so to get this perfectly clear – the sea on the Norwegian coast is in real danger – seaweed is being commercially harvested(on a vast scale and is out of control) by an american company whose parent company has been responsible for major environmental damage – recieved fines for nearly every corporate crime in the books, produces a poison that is responsible for the deaths of most of africas big predators and millions of birds worldwide and no one is ringing alarm bells.


Contact with other state organisations show a deep concern and they are doing everything they can to promote what we are doing -

So this is how it looks – stopptt is the only organisation dedicated solely to disseminate information about seaweed harvesting worldwide – major marine protection groups and organisations are not aware of the current situation – information we have and that is easily available on the internet shows the seas are in a real state – we are being ignored by state media but we have good contacts in some local papers – we have very good contacts in some state organisations -  most marine biologists seem unaware or are afraid to commit themselves on this issue because the issue is so big.

The norwegian coast is polluted in many places with pollution spreading – if the current situation continues then there will be major consequences to us all but it will probably be too late to do anything about it.

Boat up and another on the way.

beginning to get interest from universities and students in the seaweed harvesting protest.

Currently trying to get lead acetate papers to test for hydrogen sulphide in the seawater off here.  But its a bit of a struggle.


One of the wooden boats is now residing beside the house ready for scraping and repainting – the wind is pretty heavy so today its into Molde to pick up paint, turpentine and Linseed, and to deliver the livers from the cod – its entirely possible they may dissapear but weel see.


The new boat is waiting a trailer frim Helge – he says he will need to use it first so it may be several weeks – its really nice to be buisy – even better still to feel im actually achieving something.

Ideas, wanderings – fascination.

I love scifi.

I had a nice collection of some 200 books but had to dump most as i had so much other stuff.  But im rediscovering a lot – by golly though some was rather trashy and maybe even dangerous in the ideas and attitudes, but not now.

Some posts ago i mentioned the possibility of the world being alive – of any object being around long enough gaining some kind of sentinance

( yeah i know my spelling – but if you care more about the spelling than the content i hope you go away and never return.)


Supposing that we are actually a form of energy connected to but not controlled by our surroundings – we serve a purpose – information, eyes,ears???  This energy is taken back into our surroundings when we die and the information we have gained is somehow used, stored – or maybe it is all the time.

Ive heard it said that information can be stored and is stored by a series of zeros and ones – supposing that was possible naturally on a molecular level so everything around us is part of us and we of it.  That is the explanation for ghosts, a great deal of paranormal activity and such strange feelings of having been here before – knowing someone youve never seen before – deja vu and more.

Supposing  EVEN WORSE, that some of us can actually tap  into this on a sublimial level – so it is possible for me as a designer to make something ive never seen before, as a musician to play tunes i simply make up – because i dont – i just know how to tap into them and use them.

That would explain how some people become unnaturaly good hunters – others can literally talk to animals – and so on.

If this were possible then there could also be a general will – the thing that makes us feel if something is right or wrong, without “education.”

Then we are getting along the way of understanding predestination – you can do what the hell you like but at the end of the day the only thing that works is what you are meant to do.

Hmm, possibly a path one can only obtained succesfuly by a great amount of navel gazing – so those who have been sick or suffered severe trauma of one kind or another or done a lot of meditation would be naturals.

I belong here – i have spent my whole life getting here – now i am working through the dream part 1 – hmm time will tell but is there a part 2 and 3?




Lies and further mysteries.

So i am now an environment campeigner.

Not so much through choice but through what is happening here, right in front of me.

When i came here first i watched with astonishment, large trawlers equipped with hydraulic arms and cables, towing 3 metre wide steel sleds along the seaweed beds.  Im no marine biologist but ive seen lots on trawlers, in particular bottom trawlers – this seemed to be 10 times worse than that because this is where all the young fish live and is where so many incredible animals live.


So i studied up and found some very interesting things.  First it seems a lot of the information about the state of the seas and seaweed  is based on unverifiable information, the industry is very sensitive to accurate critiscism   Second any negative verifiable information on the net concerning mechanical seaweed harvesting is instantly refuted by any number of specialists.

The money made is so much that any problem is easily solved.

Every shipload of seaweed produces many tons of alginates – i have figures which suggest up to 10 tons per load.  The best alginates sell for more than 180 dollars per gram – that i have from a man who is in the industry.


The company with exclusive harvesting rights on the Norwegian coast is FMC biopolymer.

I decided to do a bit of research on FMC biopolymer and it turns out it is one of 9 companies in fmc corporation a usa based company.

Fmc corporation companies have been found guilty of nearly every major company crime in the book – right from massive environmental poisoning, fraud,price fixing cartels and more – as slippery as a blanket of eels and as devious as a hungry rat.  it seems their activities are nearly all based on natural resources.

One of their products is used to decimate wildlife in a number of countries   Fmc says it is safe to use.


Talking to employees in Asker near oslo they have all been told that if they see what they consider to be any corporate malpractices they are to report it to senior management at once.  Hihi

this guy did and it certainly upset them – so why would they ask their staff to do such a thing if they had anything to hide.  Same reason the best way to solve a ground pollution issue is to sell the ground and make sure it goes for industrial units in a area where work is very scarce and every penny counts.  Stops the ground from being dug up – neat soluton for the company concerned.

A whistleblower goes to the boss – the boss is immediatly aware there is a major problem – not with the company but with the staff – if the company is not informed and the person goes to the press or a state organisation, which is what would probably happen, the damage is far worse.

So at the end of the day transparency and all that, with big companies is damage limition.  “how can you accuse us of being devious when our operation is so transparent.”

You dont have to wear green wellies to be a conservationist or environmentalist – all you have to do is sign petitions, if you can and spread the word.

For instance the press have been promoting electric cars as the environmental answer to the problem that is plauging us all – unfortunatly fmc is involved in producing lithium which comes from one of the dryest places in the world – so lets be clear on this – One FMC company is devatating the ecology of one of the worlds most fragile ecosystems so that europeans can feel good about driving.

Check it out for yourself   full article

lithium fmc environmental damage        there is a great deal more.


So to clarify this – FMC and other companies are taking the water used by farmers and animals in the atacama desert amongst other places – to produce the batteries for electric cars.  FMC and the environment – not a good combination


Doctors, medicines and the unqualified.

Imagine, since you were 17 years old you have studied —medicine —- marine biology — whatever.

You ar part of a larger world system – you belong – you have paid your dues and now everything is nicely ticking along – your subject is perfectly well known to you.  Everything is tied up nicely in a metaphorical box.  The tools are provided by the system and it works, well you have no evidence to the contrary.


So along comes a paitient wih a problem of one kind or another – the system will provide a cure (of sorts).  That goes for marine biology and pretty much anything else too.

Today was choir practice – that is many of the local boat owners and various others get together in the hustadvika marina and chat for a couple of hours – today one complained bitterly about his arthuritis -  tried to tell him what i had done about mine but he was not interested.  See he had a doctor or he believed in the system, or how could someone like me possibly have any kind of cure.

About 1975 i was invlved in a road accident – well it was actually no accident – the driver who got in the way of my motorbike did so deliberatly – DELIBERATLY – as i lay in the road i can remember him staring at me through the window of his car before driving off leaving me lying on the double white lines on the old a 30 main road just before the caravan park at tedburn st mary.  My foot i found behind my neck – i was shipped to the rde hospital in exeter where my leg was put in traction – i was also arrested by the police for careless driving -

To shopten a long story i finally after many months and several admissions gave up and decided to sort myself out because i did not trust the doctors – i had very good reason for this and still feel uncomfortable when someone makes decisions on my behalf concerning my health.

Unfortunatly the doctors had done a boboo and not only did they not tell me that the problem was, they were worried about posible come backs so i was kept in the dark about the true situation.

See the break in the leg had not healed properly.  The upper broken leg bone was actually resting beside the lower broken off bit and not on top as it should have been.  the knee joint was also rotated around so it did not sit in the cup properly.

After i got out i did a lot of walking(i got no physioptherapy) - i was nearly always in pain but i needed to walk – over the next few years i sometimes walked from Uffculme to Exeter and back -   some 35 miles, when i lived at Tedburn st mary – from there to exeter and back – sometimes 3 times a month – 18 miles plus – sometimes along the old a30, sometimes along the top of the hills to redsand and then into exeter that way.

I did so much walking – one day i decided to join the vicars sponsored walk to crediton and back(at tedburn st mary) - there were numerous check points – it was a very pretty trip, along tiny lanes – paved roads beside fields and rivers.  i seem to remember getting to a couple of check points but there was nobody there – the last one there was so i had a little lemonade – then i got to the vickaridge – there was no one there, not a soul.  so after a little i went home.

next day there was a photograph of the first person to get back to the vickeridge and it wasnt me – hehe – i must have been well over half an hour faster than the fastest.

So i digress – my leg always hurt.  At times abomnably so, but i just carried on.

In about 1995 it got so bad i was on 2 sticks.  Then the bse problem arose

I had been told what the problem was and what they were doing about it – it takes 3 years for the disease to develop, so instead of stopping the feed which carries the disease they kill the animals before they get to 3.  That is no solution for mankind, only for business.  i was soooo disgusted i stopped eating any kind of meat at all.

After 3 months i went for a walk one day without thinking, and it was pain free – woooow.  So i tried some meat – no problem – the next week i tried it again, no problem, the week after i tried it on 2 days running and wow – pain.  So i had now learnt how much i could tolerate.

5 years later the pain was becoming unbearable again so a girlfriend suggested glucosamine  There it says it doesnt work but by golly it does for me and for many others i know.

After 3 years i went to my gp and told him about what i had experienced – “ahh yes,”  he said “ive heard some people have had good results.”


Was i also right in walking out of the hospital with a badly repaired leg – probably.  You see when i was 17 i had a breakdown.  My family decided they had enough so let the system do what it wanted.  The system loved me.  I was no ordinary chap from a poor family – i was ex public school etc

First they tried heavy drugs -  after a while i refused to take them so i was held down on the floor and forcibly injected - largactil.

Then after some weeks electroshock – see i rather think my character didnt change enough.  After some 10 sessions – hmm i had concussion as a child i wonder if i had some seizures or adverse reactions.  The bastards tried to kill my personality  – afterwards they were not the only ones – well they did their worst and gave me a label – skitzophrenic.  Sure i was out of the loop at the time but not one soul tried to speak to me – ask me anything other than what i felt – just cut and dried.

After that it was heavy drug therapy, my weight blossomed – i could only sit in a chair and eat.  i can remember at the time mother saying how nice i was.  Sure i said nothing and was only there in spirit, nothing else.

I was released after 6 months and warned i would have to take drugs for the rest of my life – without them i would be hopeless and would be seriously ill.

(within 3 years i had got my dream job and was working 12 hours a day as a laboratory tech without qualifications – doing chem bacti and physical analyses at the north tawton chese plant – i did that for 2 years.)

North tawton cheese plant  There it is – europes largest automated cheese plant – the installation bottom mid is actually the morinaga bio active effluent plant – had a lot of fun there.


The first time i broke my leg and went home i actually had the strength to stop taking the drugs – fentazim and kemadrin – 12 tablets a day.  There were of course serious withdrawl symtoms but i could manage because i was on my own – mother and elder sister were away.  When i was rehospitalised after the leg was broken again i was threatened with sectioning if i did not take the drugs i had so desperetly stopped taking.(one senior nurse stood up for me but i felt that was not enough and anyway another nurse became in charge and her i did not trust.)  That was why i left – i was also told nothing about the condition of the leg.  on reflection the drugs i was taking were flouride based – so they would definatly have had some effect on bone structure.  see by then id been taking them for some 10 years – so what is 12 a day multiplied by 10 years.

Yesterday, the new boat, sunshine, today blizzard.

Yesterday i decided that i had to start fetching the new boat from the island where it is curently moored.


Johan told me the sea was very heavy and it was not a good sea day.  It was actually very good, a slight swell and warmish.

The trip to the little island was utterly beautiful – time simply flew.  The boat was exactly where it should have been and Per ove had taken care to leave it as best as possible.  Took a good survey and called Johan who told me how to get the diesel filter out.  The motor is just a lump.  You see ordinary motors – cylinders sticking out, or plugs showing – this is just beautiful in its simplicity.  Instead of brum, brum, this motor does dum, dum, dum.  it is not mounted on rubber shocks, instead straight to the boat frame.  The Propellor shaft is nearly 4 cms thick, the only way you can tell its rotating is by putting your finger on it.  Niiiice.


I sat beside my new boat in the blue bath tub i currently use and felt soooo good.  On the way there i had passed a pair of very large geese sitting on some rocks – just then a large eagle flew overhead – the geese honked but the eagle just carried on.  Filming a heron just by the island it took off and was followed by a white tailed eagle.  Not a single soul anywhere.

The trip back was perfect.  As i left the kråkholm arcipellago i decided to try a spot that is well known to me.  Blow me down instantly hooked a monster.  Slowly up he came and much to my surprise it turned out to be 2 goodish cod.  In about 40 minutes i had 8 others in the same place.


Anyone fancy reading about fishing here at Hustad should go here – rather a lot im afraid to say but its there

Cloudfall farstad adj

One of my favourite views – cloudfall over stemshest at Farstad.  it is the most amazing sight with cloud simply falling over the top of the mountain like a waterfall – descending to the ground and dissapearing before it hits.


Today snow storms and – its even snowed in my barn – so its kind of a day off from my days off.

The wind and snow dropped – but its now blown up again but from another direction entirely – so any bits of barn not full of snow will be taken care of.

Nav the norwegian social i think has decided that i am out of any of their categories, so like the rest of the norwegian system they have decided not to enrol me in any of their programs.  I dont think they are actually allowed to do that but for the moment it serves me well.  Perhaps subconciously its what ive worked for but i cant really tell.




War hero.

Yesterday a friend rang to tell me an article has appeared about my fathers wartime activities in aftenposten, one of Norways leading newspapers.

Front page aftenposten far

i instantly thought whopeee, sister has finally listened to me and got someone to unlock the records(lps) father made in sweden in 1944 with the Swedish radio at the time. (she does not like me to be right – ive told her father is recounting the whole story in them but she has been to one expert who tells her the records are currupt -) Nooo, she has just been digging over old stuff again – boy does she love publicity – hmm, perhaps i do too.

Here is the daily mails article

Daily mail article fathers escape

For a long time i have not liked my elder sister – one of course should never say so in public – but i do and i am – because i dont understand or appreciate how she works – what i see is pure paranoia coupled with a very strong desire to be right over everything and not give a single inch.  Net result i feel sorry and angry whenever i have any dealings with her – this has caused considerable alienation with some of my immediate english family, some of whom are very decent people i am sure, but a little proof now and again would be nice.  i get on exceptionally well with the Norwegian side so perhaps they are either saints or i am not such a bad person after all -

My affections are very much taken up by my friends  who have never let me down, ask little and seem to appreciate my humour and my presence very much – they are like family now.  A better one i could not expect or desire.


She rewrote fathers book and published it as “another mans shoes”

another mans shoes

I have just sent a version in word to the local paper for them to use as they wish – hehe – i have it on paper that all fathers documents were left to me.

The man acused of killing his child.

Shaken baby syndrome led to the jailing of a father for the killing of his child.

The man decided to study the syndrome in jail and eventually got his conviction overturned and upset many experts by showing them information they had overlooked.


i feel the same way over this seaweed harvesting business.  It feels to me that every journalist who gets interested in this matter goes to a marine biologist who tells them that the information may be right but its being read in the wrong way – yes seaweed cleans the sea but very little – the amount of seaweed in the sea is so huge that it is impossible to harvest enough to make a difference, the companies concerned are being regulated in a proper manner etc etc. the welfare of our seas is in good hands.


I say this – put the information i have in front of someone who can read and has not had training as a marine biologist – and have no connection with the companies concerned or big business.

Thjis is far too serious to be left up to the experts who can use science to prove that the seaweed forests grow back after harvesting but cannot predict  the long term consequences of continual removal of seaweed on the scale that it occurs now.  if i am right then the catastrophic consequences of them not knowing or having enough foresight could seriously affect us all.