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Save the world.

Its strange to live in a world so FULL OF MESSAGES  that the blur it causes can lead to  much misunderstanding and misfortune.

It is even accurate to say that this has become a tool for manipulating the system – any system for that matter.

This is something that has been a recurring theme throughout my life – it has led to an occasional profound deafness which has sometimes been salvation and other times the converse but the theme is this – to avoid confusion follow your incstincts as they never lie.

As a child of 11 i can remember standing on the carpet in the headmaster of wolborough hill schools, study and concentrating on excercising my toes as the man droned on about my serious crimes – id long ago learnt that any kind pf protest was met by more serious punishment, later in life i learnt that sometimes people had made up their minds about things which no amount of reasoning or fact could change.

I can remember one day with astonishment clearly reaching the understanding that the long list of crimes a) were utterly trivial and b) the bastard was actually making some of them up as they had never happened.

Of course to a childs mind that would be impossible as adults dont lie (particurly headmasters) and anyway why would he lie so that he could deliver a sound beating – the cane cut deeply – what would be the point – so utterly illogical?

This occured to my mind weekly but it may have been longer between these canings – Later in life i learnt about deviancy and such like but i never considered myself a victim – just sometimes hard to understand, even to myself.


Now that i am nearly 60 i do understand myself far better and i actually feel proud over my – unusual activities and the way i do things.  It is often difficult to differentiate between direct rebellion and common sense – but my lack of the personal desire to have a upright character and status in the eyes of a percieved public maybe came from this time in my life.

In other words – do my own thing because its really the only thing that matters.

So here i am procrastinating over completing my ultimate message to the polititians over my seaweed harvesting protests.  The difficulties are very simple – i have been reading a great deal of material on the internet about our seas and seaweed harvesting and cannot understand why others are not doing the same – its very simple and easy – there is the information, there are the people who should know.  So am i truly a visionary or just suffering from delusions over this?

Fact is there is a vast amount of information to be sent, will it drown out my and my friends voice or will it be studied and will they reach the conclusion i have?

I critiszised Johan a few days ago for agreeing to everything and encouraging everything i do over ths activity, no matter how dizzy it appears – he simply said “everything is good.”  Good for him, the opposite is nothing, so even if i have misgivings the thing is to do – DONT LET THE BASTARDS GET YOU DOWN.



Im quite pleased with this blog – that is what im saying, because it is coming out as i intend.

What is my reason for writing this – maybe it is because i feel that i am greatly misunderstood – maybe it is because i need some justification for my behaviour over the years, or maybe it is simply from joidevivre.  That is joy of living.

Fate Predestination?

Strange things – ive recently sold an organ – the client has become a friend.

Visiting him we decided to visit Oslo Harbor and have a drink – enjoying the oslo air(but not so much the canned music) we struck up a conversation with a couple from Germany on the next table.

So after a little we asked what he did ” i make films, documentaries, mostly on the environment”  was his reply – woooooow, just exactly who ive been looking for.  Cant believe it.

I just happened to have several articles about the subject in my office “rucksac” so on production he was very taken indeed – “could i please have these”  - so is this actually going anywhere?

I gave him a potted history and as i said he seemed very taken, but time will tell.  Taretråling has to stop an it will sooner or later.

The latest scientific paper says that up to 90% of gaddids – cod family – fish disapear after the trawlers have been.  Well we know that but the Norwegian Government needs proof and you cant just say and know it – can you, no matter how much you know the situation and so forth.

So im doing what my mother did – she followed her feelings and did a tremendous thing on her own.  Took on the rspca in exeter, and changed its direction (ably assisted by numerous friends) possibly forever  - imagine this it took a old lady without any university degrees or backing from an organization to change the direction of the regional branch of one of the oldest and most respected charities in the world.

Dare we hope that a disorganized, haphazard guy like myself, coupled with a fisherman and one other can actually change or completely stop Norways biggest natural harvest earner  - perhaps it takes that kind of people to do something so drastic.

Strangely enough  keep on being asked where our money comes from – our limited contact with other groups indicates that some are very – no extremely occupied with income, one to the extent that they invited themselves to a presentation we were having, requested overnight accommodation and 5,000 nkr to cover the air fare – hihi . the net result was that they could,nt come – ahh what a shame.  We are not capable of holding such meetings ourselves and really needed somebody to take it over hoho.

It is strange looking at people and how they move.  In the big cities in the uk, exeter,london, most people move very jerkily – in a hurry – here in Oslo they seem mostly to saunter.  When eyes meet there is no looking away – sideways or down with the definite message – we didnt see you – as there is in the uk – much more, there is a hi – and a move on.  Sure combined with less visual and audible input that is not so surprising but no there is a definite” we do not want to know you,” in the uk.

So last night i came to learn what a true Norwegian is really like.

I have admired a wooden boat – often parked near to mine, for about 8 years.  Couple of years ago the owner decided to sell and got no interest – i had no money and anyway was fairly content with my own.

Little requests through others to find out where the boat was, and who owned it finally got me in contact with Helge, who i know quite well anyway – he asked me what i was prepared to offer and said 10,000Kr – Helge called back to say that the owner wanted 6,000kr – so i said that i could possibly go as far as 15,000 but not further.  Ahh, no he said – the price was 6,000kr – BEAUTIFUL – DEEPLY IMPRESSED.


I seem to spend a great deal of my time working up to a position a place – maybe i kid myself its part of a plan – maybe it is.  But whatever the result my eyes are sometimes closed and it looks as if im fast asleep but im not – sure i may be somewhere else but im on the case.

So Mother turned out to be an environmentalist and animal campeigner and a succesful one at that.

Her last few years were not happy – she became the prisoner of the caring world(Nursing) and for me that is nearly too painful to think about, having been there myself at a young age.  It was also a combination of relatives and power games that led to that – that is another painful subject but one i will tackle sooner or later because probably they wont ever find out and if they do then they will have to confront their actions because they will have read about them.

Guilt is a marvellous mechanism – it was used by the church as a weapon, a tool.

Make’em feel guilty then offer salvation at a price and theyre yours.

What is it now – 5 million women burnt as witches – and the church still believes we want it.  Deep down we all have a belief – even the die hard communist calls out to god on his last breath.  But for me god is something else.

What really bothers me is being right – science has taught us that – so science supports the church because the church is powerful (hihi)


Religion in one form or another has been around forever – all the major religions seem to have one direction with all kinds of additives so there must be something that people feel that we all have in common – communion with the deity?  Hardly likely, but a connection is more apt.

Supposing the energy, the soul that we all have is like the rest of us – recycled – supposing that it is not what we would like to think at all but energy from a source to which it returns once the vessel has been used up.  Now for the biggest joke – the source – gaia – the world.

If thats the case then it presupposes all kinds of other concepts.  How about this for an idea -  nature and natural laws are repeated even in society.  So that means we have social predators – herbivores, carnivores, pollution – and all the rest – why not, makes a great deal of sense.

So where do i stand in this – why have i been so bullied in younger days -goes back to predators and carnivores – jungle – somehow instinctively my compartiots, fellow workers and schoolmates sensed that i was doing my own thing all the time – and it worried them.

For instance when entering a room i would look for the place furthest from the loudspeakers – nearest a window – sometmes that would be right at the front, sometimes at the back.  i would go to concerts of classical music – at public school – usually on my own – they would go to rock concerts and come back looking dazed – very disturbing and possibly something that needed to be corrected – the best tool  – a bit of physical.


I learnt early on that buiiles are cowards – they never take you on if they think you can beat them so  you need to change the rules – very easy if you have an open mind.

Driving down to Exeter one day i got to a huge roundabout – they were allways changing the layout and i wasnt really concentrating – got in the slightly wrong lane.  All of a sudden a pickup truch shot across the front of my merc, just missing me.

topsham roundabout

I felt it was a bit unecessary as it was obvious what had happened but somebody needed to show muscle.  So i tooted.  merc estates have very powerful horns.

Our hero with his girlfriend beside then stuck his upper torso out of the window of the truck, rotated around to look at me and still driving around the roundabout shook his fist.

I was so impressed i hooted again – well that is actually quite a feat, particurly if you are huge and muscular.  But obviously it was worth the effort to put this DORK with his fine Mercedes in his place.

So mind wandering covering possibilities i thought there could be trouble – decided on a course of action, programmed it in and let it run.

Hmm were both going the same way – he of course is in front so if he is going to try anything i should leave a very clear space.

So this guy gets to the traffic lights by the blind school in Exeter and stops – well not really surprising as the lights are red – the next is a little surprising – this after all is one of the main arteries into Exeter, a vey buisy road.

He and his golden haired(ponytailed) friend confer and the doors suddenly spring open, she runs at full speed along the pavement behind my car – he advances menacingly from the front – ahh – this Huge behmoth of a man, with an amazon of a girlfriend – sleevless t shirt, tatoos, muscles bulging – wants me to get out of the car and have a fight in the middle of a main road.  So i ran him over.

See the rules.  As a merc driver i was a rich square citizen – therefore he knew how i would behave.

Even down to being in front – see the average driver leaves very little room in front at traffic lights, certainly not 2 car lengths.

So at the last minute he realised that i was not going to stop, in fact he was probably going to be hurt, so he stepped to one side, but not quite enough.  The car rocked as it went over his feet and his knees knocked against the wing.  i was so disgusted at being right that i didnt even look back.  i never heard any more, i rather believe it was because the front wheel on a mercedes estate weights 500kg and i went over both his feet.

There was quite a queue behind and i also rather think he got some very amused looks from those who had seen what was going on.


So to recap, to sort bullies you have to change their rules and insert your own.

many would have us believe that might is not right, and that is true, but sometimes words dont work – sometimes doing something like this must feel allmost as good as the actions of  succesful bully(coo, does that make me as bad??)


hehe, guilt, like any weapon/tool after a while it looses its effectiveness, and believe me it has been used on me by experts.




i have this strange idea that there is a direction for everyone – something is directing us in a particular direction – what purpose this has i have no idea apart from it is something that is meant .

Let me try to explain – i feel strongly that there is something i should do but i would like to do something else, so i do – but for some reason my heart is not completely in it – well you know how important it is to complete the things we set out to do!  So i continue – but it always somehow goes wrong, even though others have had great sucess, sooner or later i go back to the original and it feels so right and it works.

After some years of doing this i found there was a distinct tendancy – i was developing along a very definative line by -hhh default.

So now i trust this “directive” more and more – so i tried to explain this to myself.

This is how it goes – we operate on 2 levels – concious and subconcious.  The concious has relatively little information available – it is filtered.  The subconcious however has everything – if you open that door then the information becomes too much and you stop.

Further explanation – when 2 people are communicating there is an average of 300 to 700 signals being passed per minute – that is a awesome amount of information – and whats more its being processed – all automatically.  So to be clear the subconcious is recieveing and interpreting this material and your concious is being allowed little bits here and there otherwise it would be completely overwhelmed. (or to be more precise the concious is filtering the information)

The average person has fantastic amounts of information but can only access little.  It is possible by training to access a great deal more – (studying)  But some develop this facility automatically and are able to sublimially retrieve and use information – artists.  Perhaps there is a mechanism which shuts the filter down or lowers it.

The big question is how much can we use this information (intuition) to be succesful at what we do. (rather than pure logic).

I like to think ive been very succesful in my own way – ive watched others plugging away at their assigned lives – direction and been impressed but for some reason a 9 to5 – etc has never been something that has felt satisfactory – something missing.  So over the years ive done my own thing and been remarkably content at the outcome.

Did i get it from Mum?

As she got older she became more eccentric – doing her own thing.  one day i came for a visit and there on the table was a letter with a very pretty stamp – Asking mother about it she said ahhh – its from New zealand – have a read.  So i did.

A personal letter from not less a personnage  than the prime minister of new zealand – she had found out through various animal charities that sheep were being exported to Argentina alive – the conditions were terrible and the sheep were being very stressed so she wrote saying that it was far more profitable for nz to send animal products rather than the whole animal – then she detailed how.  The prime minister was agreeing with her and said that the exports were going to stop.

later she began to work in the Rspca in Exeter – after a while she found that there was something wrong – every year they had a very big meeting in the most expensive hotel in town, it included a dinner for everyone.  So this was her reasoning – these dedicated people were standing on street corners collecting money, shaking tins at events, often giving every spare penny they had, and a great deal went on this dinner.

So she studied the organisation and saw some other things she did not like.  The chairwoman had her entire family working for the charity and so on.  So mother got together with a little group of friends – she went on a self assertion course and in time stood for chairwoman herself and WON.

This was so out of character for mother – always standing back a bit – not shy but reserved.  But the had felt the calling and took it on.

The next stage of her task was to put the exeter branch of the rspca to bed.

They had been told to quit their headquarters in Exeter because of the noise and other unsocial things.  Every time they found a place the price went up, and other difficulties surfaced.  So i suggested she do what i had done.  You find a place that fulfills every planning requirement, then you buy it and afterwards apply for planning.  if you dont get it then you wont get it anywhere – you also have made a major investment which will give far better returns than any bank or other such.  So she plumped on a farm and persuaded her coullegues to go for it.(little valley)

It is now one of the rspcas most succesful regional headquarters.




After this mother decided she had done her stuff and anyway the people running the local rspca before she came werent so bad after all so she left them to it – from what i understand it is going extremly well and i will probably be in trouble for writing this – but the big question is do i care ????





The sun is shining – maybe only inside

Blogs, it seems to me that there is a race to produce the most read blog.  Hmmmm 1 million visitors per day etc – ive spent my entire life wandering as far as i can from competition – see its a bit like this -

Were supposed to live in a world where democracy and such like is the key.  So why when they have the big racing car races – those who go around fastest start at the front – if i was driving a formula one car and didnt start first i would know i would have no chance so why compete?

so now i run my own races, with me the only competitor – hmm, a winner all the way.  Yussss, i think i can compete on those terms.


Im not a terribly succesful person in terms of the modern world – i gave up on banks when they started emptying my accounts to pay for charges such as £30 for being over the overdrawn limit(sometimes by as little as £1) £30 for arranging it and £30 for informing me of the fact.  And then not paying the cheque.  To me it was very simple they were charging me for a service they were not providing.  It was a game i bitterly resented playing, particurly as there was no viable alternative.

After a couple of years of this it was simply far better to try and do everything with cash – well as much as possible.   To me my work was sacred, to mix it with mere money was sacrelidge but i had to live.  In fact i later developed a bit of a mysitque with some clients telling me they were honoured that i was going to work for them – that really made my efforts worthwhile.


let me give you some idea of what i was doing.


I started the following morning co in 1979 – that was mainly a furniture making business – in Devon, westcountry,England.

My brief if you like was simply to use the materials provided by nature.  So from time to time i found myself working alongside farmers – tree surgeons, lorry drivers and builders and of course other furniture makers – not to mention sawmillers and landowners – felling trees, converting them to usable material and then drying or kilning the stuff – all on a shoestring – no loans,nothing.

Often the trees would be provided free – sometimes i had to pay, but i got to know how these things worked – for instance – you do not burn walnut – why?  well somewhere in most peoples phsyce is a thing which says it wont burn, or it burns poorly – hmm who burns walnut eh? 

The other thing was that if i was offered a walnut it had surely been offered to many others as i only paid firewood price and everybody knew.   As a result i baught trees others wouldnt  – at firewood prices.

Amongst the sucesses with walnut was a large ripple walnut – that is the entire tree was rippled like the finest silk.  Nobody wanted it because it appeared to have no colour – another was 6 very large walnuts in a farmyard which were obviously rotten – but the top branches were full of burrs – well they were probably rotten too but if you only paid firewood prices —


i was offered an amazing tree by a client near Crediton – large country house and all – we became great friends and i made a lot for her.

The tree was massive and looked very healthy – the trunk branched some 8 foot up to 2 trunks – these two were about 3 foot thick, the main trunk itself was some 4 foot plus.

Frank the plank came to fell the beast – because we had spotted some bees coming out of a hole and he wanted a colony.  Down the monster came, i was so happy – it looked fantastic and i would have maybe 5 tons of pure walnut – well the fact of it was that it was shattered into thousands of pieces and useless.  This is a common feature of many specis.  We tried everything – cutting from different directions, cutting skew – you name it – even different sawmills including Frank who had a moblie sawmill.(over 30 years i had over 30 large walnuts of every kind and type)

The bees died – Frank liked whakky bacy, in fact it was his downfall (not arriving on time(often by days or weeks), spending hours chatting, too much time in the pub)- his wife left and he was left desolate eventually, so life goes.  The bees died because he put them in a cardboard box, then in the boot of his car and drove for a considerable distance.  The bees frightened, clumped together and suffocated under their own press – a well known occurance.

Working this way was utterly fascinating and extremly healthy – moving large planks, mixing with very strange individuals and all the time learning.

Richard one day said to me – would i like to visit an unusual sawmill out near Honiton – Well that sounded interesting.


The sawmill was down a lane, down a lane and further still.  The first thing i saw was a sign advertising cactuses – then a table (with cactuses) and behind that a gate leading to a large barn.  Inside the open side i could see the biggest circular saw blade id ever seen – no guard of any kind, i dont even remember a riving knife.

I dont remember the names but i was introduced to several characters and asked if i wanted some cyder.  Well then it was into the cyder barn under the saw.  Coor barrel after barrel – huge oak affairs too. 

What would i like?

Well i had to work and it was very strong stuff so i steered clear.

Then into a caravan by the gate and everyone tipping up large pint glasses with gusto – except me.  I felt that possibly it was dangerous to mix sawmilling with cyder, idly i wondered if any had lost fingers as this is usualy the first to go – fuckme sideways – it seemed not one of those present had a complete set – one or two even had hands with only 2 fingers.


As we sat there the guy who owned the mill suddenly gripped my arm and pointed to the post box hanging from the gate – LOOOK – this nuthatch uses the letterbox every year for some months, the postman knows not to stick the mail in there when he is in residence (she) and indeed there was the bird buisy hopping in through the opening.

Then he pointed to the downpipe of the gutter on the building opposite – looook see the blue tit – last year she had 5 young.  Every year they build in that downpipe, i dont know what they do when it rains, but it does often.  And so it went  -

After a very pleasant while – would i like some lunch?   Well ok, but i thought about the work waiting for me at Appledore in my workshop. 

So it was down a lane and down another – across a river ford then up to a huge pub.  Inside, more booze then “which was best – Turkey burgers or beef burgers”  Well i replied turkey.  Then a huge bag full of burgers was passed over the bar  and off we went back to the sawmill.

Lunch was very peasant and more cyder – every time i said no thanks.  Finally – “you come here, eat our food, enjoy our company but you wont drink with us!!!”  well that said he was right – i was being selfish HIHI.

Crikey that stuff was strong. 

Well lunch finished and it was time to go see the timber.  There was a very exciting stack of ripple ash hiding away in a corner.  All 2 inch stuff – how much would i offer – thought a bit , did some calculations and offered half of what it was worth – that was met by a snort.


So someone produced a harmonica and we sat out in the orchard under a good sun – bees buzzing around and the gentle devon burr filling my ears. Richard as allways had a great many connections and was honing up on old friendships – me i was just at peace, it was truly wonderful. 

As the day wore on more and more people appeared – mostly old men – we all sat in a very big circle drinking cyder and talking.  The guys with the mill were steam engine enthusiasts, particurly traction engines – they had one, a very nice one.  They got it after the boiler in the last one burnt out.

So i said where is the old one – they pointed to the next field and there it stood – in one corner, nearly covered with weeds.  Beautiful example of a technology that lasted for only a few dozen years then vanished – i spect its still there.


Well the day wore on and more cyder made the rounds - it has a lot in common with vinegar and is really only tolerated because of its alcholic connections – that is it somehow has the ability to make one far more drunk than anything else of similar strength. (i never saw any money change hands – there was something so very comforting about the scene – there were well over 20 people there at the end so it must have involved a considerable amount of the drink)

It began to get dark(with that kind of golden twilight more in the mind than anything else) - i felt completely at peace – it was a very delightful event and never to be repeated – (full diary write up at the time – one day)

As Richard and i said our goodbyes the mill owner said heed had a word with the boys and would be delivering the wood on wednesday.



I knew what the stuff was worth – i had offered half, no way could i pay full price.

Wednesday came.  Soon enough a small truck appeared, my heart sank – what was i going to do ? – it was unloaded and then came the moment – half price YESSSSSSSSS.


The wood was from a number of trees – good clear boards – i had some of it kiln dried at Tiverton sawmills – they had a new vacuum kiln – beech brothers in Exeter had one and it could dry woods of thicknesses unheard of in an unbelievably short time but it had drawbacks.

Wood is alive.  That is it moves – the reason wood cracks is because the movement is too much and this is normally associated with moisture.  So you expect it to move if it is too wet, but not if it is dry.

Another process occuring in wood is destressing.  It takes time more than anything.  Steam kilned wood is very denatured as far as stress is concerned.  dehumidified wood, not so much but its easier to work – vacuum kilned wood only has the moisture removed, not stress.

i made a large table in the ripple ash for a client in Bristol who owned a large silver shop there.  It moved like mad but because of the construction it did not matter and we were all pleased.

Later i came to do a lot of work for Grey Harris and co, including hundreds of silver coaster bases – i never found out exactly why he came to me all the time as my work was good but not spectacular and twice as much as any of the amateur turners charged – maybe it was because of the wood – i used iroko – because the stuff made one caugh the story went round that it gave one cancer – checking this out i found it had no foundation – in fact this facility had a great use – in later years i had some troublesome visitors who would simply sit and talk as i tried to work – me and myself had difficulty enough without anyone else butting in, so the solution was to have a board of Iroko and stick it through the planer just as they were coming in the door – it was usually met with “i dont know how you can work with that stuff, it really gets in my throat”   Then they would leave hihi.




Travelling, simply love it.

We live in such boxes its often difficult to step outside.

For some years i was virtually penniless whilst still having a house, land and workshop.  One day i decided i needed a holliday and anyway was very taken by the fetish lifestyle and had some friends allways pressing for me to go stay in London.  No money, so decided to hitch.

Got up at 5 -very few cars, but the occasional lorry hmm, too slow so went home and got my old motorbike crash suit – i love wearing leather – and helmet and went back to the motorway.  My reasoning – lift from a motorbike as well as a car or lorry.  little did i imagine that it was the perfect hitching attire.

See motorists mostly want to have a passenger – for various reasons- company, to download to and so on – unfortunatly they need an exscuse – BROKEN DOWN MOTORIST – See a fellow motorist would not be dangerous and anyway very few are, so an excuse is needed.

London in about 3 hours from devon – over the next 15years i hitched about once a month.  Mostly to visit Edddie and Mo but often Claire and Brian – claire was a madam and used to work for a very famous madam (cynthia Payne) – who was caught exchanging luncheon vouchers for “business”  there was a very famous film about her.(madame cyn)

Madame cyn


Later i went to visit Helen and Jon with girlfriends.  Often i would arrive and Helen would be working – her stuff was to do with whips and such like.  She and Jon retired with a very large amount of money.

I never really knew why Helen liked me so much ( i liked her because she had character and was fun)- she was not an very pretty  person being big and chubby, but she knew her stuff and had a great many -hmm admirers.  Sometimes i would arrive to stay the weekend and would be told to come back in an hour as someone unexpected had arrived – later i would observe a unkempt man slipping down the stairs carrying a plastic bag.  I never found out exactly how her “sessions” went but i saw some photos on occasion – to say eye watering would not be a exaggeration, but that was her business and our friendship was just that.

jon was her “slave” in fact a well known reeree in one of the sports worlds -he was also married -kept up with his wife and later went back to her.

My weekends usually involved a party or club so it was always fun.

My trips involved up to 20 lifts per time – the trick was to know which ones to refuse – for instance if on the motorway at a services never go anywhere other than another services.

Locals dont use motorway services – too expensive.  To be marooned at a roundabout just off a motorway at some isolated spot can be interesting even if your gauranteed a lift from the first 20 cars.

In all i never waited more than 20 minutes, sometimes hopping from one car to the next, once being dropped off on the m3 to find a car waiting for me on the other side of the barrier on the a3. Both illegal stops.

Sometimes the liftees were homosexual,but that was rare.  I would very simply let them know i was not interested and ohh what an interesting person they were – in other  ways. Mostly they were just goodsouls.  But by and by everyone had a story and some were fantastic – murders,life changing events, family jealousies, girlfriends doing very wiered things – i did this for 15 years -writing down the stories i found most interesting.  Then bit by bit girlfriends, money and other things they began to drop off. Ahh the leg got very bad on occasions – hitching always involved long walks.  Especially once in London itself.


My leg – well it never happened -see in the uk things have to fit otherwise it hurts too much – driving back home from work one day saw a volvo in a side road – he pulled out and stopped diagonally across the main road and so i hit him and was thrown violently over his roof. (motorbike) The driver looked down at me and drove off.  I could not find my leg – i thought shiiit im going to die – then i realised the thing under my neck was my foot.

he was never prosecuted, in fact i was told i was going to be  – i was quite used to this and this is why i do things my own way – he later went on to hospitalise over 10 motorcyclists including my girlfriends boss – he was never prosecuted – instead retired to an old folks home – see i rather think the police would have got stick over this – i got a stick allright – its now beside me as i type this.


Long story but ive always found that i need to do things my way – to cope and understand -the hospital was a bit tough – no food or drink for 36 hours – i told them i had nothing since the night before but you know how people lie.

So it was some 70 hours before i had something to eat and drink.

Well i had some issues with the medical profession from before so when they sent me home and the leg broke again they were not very interested – again in Hospital i finally got so fed up, i simply left (making sure no relatives were home) – they told me nothing no information – just nothing.  So i had to do everything myself.



later years i found out that the leg had never joined back to itself – the upper part was twisted around so the ball never sat in the socket, as the 2 bits of bone were joined side by side rather than one on top of the other the leg was nearly an inch shorter -so thanks nhs.

Contentment -

The sun is streaming in through the window – the mountains can be seen so clearly – the snow is perhaps 10 inches – the birds have been buisy, the first thing i heard this morning was the starlings hammering away at the bird table and chattering on the steps – when i finally stirred and came down it was to see such a mess of birds on my concrete steps.  “  2 very large crows right in the middle of a mix of yellowhammers,blackbirds – an overwintering robin and more.  Feels so good.


Yesterday i mounted some more floor supports for the new floor in the barn – its such a fascinating process – MAGIC – ive been led to believe that the magic is the idea – that is you make the idea, and the idea then becomes the fact(hmm prayer??) - so how to put a floor 8 feet off the ground where  there never has been one before – Start with a pillar at one corner – the pillar made out of 3 X 2 inch by 6 inch planks – the glue, the last brought from the uk in 2003.  Exceptional powdered stuff cascorez.

My last house guest helped me put it up(a very beautiful lady -lead singer in a german rock band) - its held to the roof framework of the barn by wooden pegs.  Slowly bit by bit ive added the joists by using a chain lift suspended from a beam ive installed for that purpose – it slides across the width of the roof.   Its just such a buzz – get the joist balanced right with a rope, use the chain lift to bring it to the right position then simply screw the thing in place.  hmm, little things.

The seaweed harvesting protest is now becoming very interesting indeed – it seems that the industry has a great number of friends in high places – ive been made to feel very foolish, only to ride high when the information i have has been verified.  My pal Johan has been an incredibly staunch friend and supporter, his enthusiasm never ceasing to energise even though he is handicapped.

It makes me very angry indeed to be fobbed off by the organisations responsible for our health, by misleading information and that is a fact.  The laundry will sooner or later be taken out – when that is the case there will be quite a spectacle. But enough for now – Information is power hihiii.


Some thoughts and ideas

I spend a lot of time fishing – its a kind of meditaion but more than that, i am actively engaged all the time.

More often than not im just going out for a couple of hours but suddenly i find its getting dark and 8 hours have passed – i am exhilerated and content – perhaps not with the fishing but the being in touch – I love ideas, but more i love my own – (cor isnt that arrogant)  a hodgepodge of little concepts, little windows here and there all coming together to make an image.

Been sneaking looks at some of the more wiered articles on you tube – Aliens.

Anyone who mentions this is automatically suspect – Aliens, goes with alien abductions, goes with mental instability – hmm our little boxes again – pollution, big conspiracys – same thing, nooo Aliens definatly are in a class of their own, however as i am not afraid of appearances – one theme coming up frequently is the idea that we are simply vessels (from the captured aliens that is)  presumably for the spirit that we are, that animates us.

When you empty an animal, that is you  remove the contents of the abdomen and clean it in preparation for food, it is extraordinary how empty the vessel before us appears – an animated creature full of life turned into a wet fleshy lump – take that analogy further then you have a spirit seperate from the body – in fact isnt this what so many of our religions tell us.

We are often prodded by the idea of Gaia – a living world.

Our language is limited by our experiences/knowledge – there are any number of things which language is not capable of expressing – the tool is not fine enough for that – our definition of living includes a number of “clear scientific principles.”  Again a limitation of imagination and language.  Supposing anything that has been around long enough and is big enough becomes sentinent – hmm that is again defined by language and our boxes - vibrations through the cosmos – read supernature  an attempt at clarifying some of our mysteries by the aid of scientific fact – nice read.  They change and are related directly to horoscopes – how about planets being sentinent but not in a way defined by our knowledge – this is no more ridiculous than the idea that an invisible spirit is watching over every one of us all of us – no more ridiculous than praying to something invisible and unknowable, only defined by individuals who have access to this mysterious entity – and supported by BILLIONS OF INDIVIDUALS WORLDWIDE we are of course talking about the worship of god in various forms.

Supposing next that we can and are actually in contact with this entity – this everything – because we are part of it – in fact if you read bibles from various religions they seem to have a concensous over this issue.  So my idea that we are part of nature is something not so far divorced from what many of us feel.

But i feel this is something much more – i feel there is a direction there – a destiny of some kind – more likely for every one of us – we all have a part ot play.  Those of us who can reach out and feel – especially so.  I think the biggest part of this is being creative – making.

This is something ive felt for a very long time – in time of great distress ive gone within – left the room.  Sometimes for considerable periods – and come out with a fixed image of what next, where to go and do.  Nothing at all unique to me, but something everyone has.  This is why art is so important – an artists job is to show.  A craftsmans job is more difficult because a good craftsman is also a artist, the superb craftsman combines art and craft in such a way as to make something which touches every sense but is also useful – a combination often all too difficult and patterned into our society.

Current affairs

A few weeks ago Eddie suggested to me that i might like some organs in an old house about to be demolished – after a bit of a huff and buff we ended up in this wonderful old wooden house – falling to bits and indeed there were the organs and various other bits and pieces.  ive allways been a one for junk – the more unusual the better – my house has all kinds of strange things on the walls and shelves – such as an amsler ring proving device – behind me a hydrogen measuring unit from a submarine – in front a line – that is a line some 500 metres long with a hook for haddock every 5 metres or so – i love this stuff because it all tells a story and some like the amsler must have cost thousands and its use is still in the shadows – it looks like a periscope – one arm has a vernier and the other a bulb full of mercury – on the back of this is a scale going from 10 to 90 odd tons – a mystery and worth nothing other than a testament to the skills and materials of the men who made and designed it.  Cor im rambling.



Right the organs – Ole martin has just been for a visit and was really taken  this is the fellow on you tube – fantastic and apparently very much saught after – there is another too a yamaha – beautiful machines but everyone so afraid of taking them on – showing that perhaps im a bit foolish for doing so too – but then im the one going up the fjord in my 30,000 krone wooden boat – or fishing on a totally empty sea.