Monthly Archives: February 2013

first try – do i really want to set the world on fire?

We live in a comfortable world yet there seems to be so many questions – sometimes i just wish they would all go away – others i just want to destroy im so angry – how could people behave like this – how could even i behave like this.

I want everything to be questioned – i want people to be in touch, in charge – do things, i know i am and do.

Perhaps the best part is just accepting – this is how to be human – ive caught mice before – unharmed – one i caught in a bottle – took him to a wood to let him go – turned the bottle upside down to get the guy out and he stretched his legs and arms out to wedge himself tight – eventually out he came – he didnt run away – i could see that perhaps he had just resigned himself to fate – he just sat, and started to wash himself -