Bertie – the woodworker.

This is my work site – here are the details of my courses – work and other information.


First though a little bit about myself

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I am 64 years old and live at Nyjord near Hustad on the west coast of Norway.

I was born in Olso and lived in Molde til i was 8.  Father worked in the fisheries industry and ran the first fisheries school in europe at Aukra during the war.

In 1961 the family moved to the uk after father died – i lived and worked there until 2004 when i sold  my uk property and bought a the House at Nyjord.


Since 1979 i worked for myself as a furniture maker woodworker, specialising in woodturning.

My work encompassed most woodworking skills, from working in the woods, sawing in the mills and drying the material to making components for other makers, commisions for private clients, institutions and companies – contracts for museums and masonic organizations – designing, making and sometimes mass producing using homemade jigs and systems.

In the uk i was asked to take part in writing the nvq exam on woodturning.  i also wrote for 6 of the uks woodworking magazines at one time having my own column in the woodworker magazine.

I have taken part in exhibitions all over the uk and france.  For many years i specialised in making wooden spoons – there are several museums with my work in the uk.

My video – outrageous spoons



The house required a lot of work including demolishing and rebuilding the entire end of the house under the veranda.

The cellar was converted to a workshop in 2006.

I moved the entire contents of my uk workshop to Norway in 2007.

I have been part of and held many exhibitions here in the last 10 years including solo at Skaret – and larger exhibitions at Oslo.

These are spoon concepts – essentialy exploring ideas using wooden spoons



Most of my exhibiting locally has been with Kulturleia a group of local craftspeople.  i also exhibited for a year at Bud museum and made the display stands currently in use there.

My current work is mostly restoration with some especially fine dining room furniture from the 1920s.

i am still making the occasional piece of furniture and items of joinery for house restoration.

i am very fortunate to have connections with many local businesses and i am also able to use their facilities when the need arises.  This is especially usefol for laquering as the facilities required are highly specialised – painting with air.

Every so often i am asked to make something special – this has included a copy of a church ship which is in the local church –


carvings and many chests and jewlery boxes.

As my work in the uk specialised in wood turning i still do contracts for businesses and individuals – the include for firms working for designers such as Vivian Westwood.

everything to do with wood.